Tuesday, 13 September 2011

If I could start my blog over, I would....

This post is inspired by Brit Mums blog prompts over here, and so I thought I would join in with this linky.

Basically we have to say
  • What might you do differently?
  • Would you choose a different url?
  • Would you change your blogging platform?
  • What would your header look like?
  • What technology related gagets/widgets/etc would you employ?
  • Would you leave everything the same?
I started my blog because I wanted to leave my grandchildren behind a legacy a bit more substantial than the black and white photo album I have of my childhood. Thats the way life was back in the 60's and 70's but I have a choice of what  memories I leave behind, and in what format for the kids

I like the title of my blog, it is apt and straight to the point, says what I do in 4 small words. I suppose I have the advantage of being one generation older than the rest of you, thereby giving me more time to spend on indulging my hobby than some of you.

I would change the platform I am on and use wordpress instead of blogger because it has some interesting bits and pieces on it, like the ability to be able to reply to a comment, unlike here that I can only add another comment to reply.

with hindsight my first post might have been a bit more personal, about me and mine, and why I was getting into blogging, but you have an intro and other things so a lot of the info is there.

My blog as I say is a legacy for the 2 children and any more that may come along..., and it is there for that reason and that reason only. If nobody read it for the next 5, 10, 15 yrs then I would not be too bothered, I would still do it. But Im glad people do read it, and I love having an insight into other people lifes and the ups and downs the go through.

The freebie side of my blog has taken off in a way beyond my wildest dreams and we asa family have got some great opportunities thanks to this, as well as items to review that the kids really enjoy, so I would not change that either.

My blog tends to be written pretty much as I speak, no airs no graces, and certainly no sign of the essays and thesis that was written as part of my uni degree 5 years ago influencing the style grammer or sentence structuring, Im sure my lecturers would have a fit!!! But I have been asked to write a few guest posts so somebody must like the way I write.

I might find a way to change my header picture to one that fitted the screen better had I taken more time, and yes I could go and change it but then it would not be the same any more.

So I am as happy as I can be, plain simple blog, enjoyed by family and friends, read by others and a leagcy for later generations.


  1. Well written piece and very useful tips for anyone thinking of starting a blog. Thanks.

  2. I really like your blog, and I think the idea of leaving it as a legacy is wonderful.


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