Monday, 26 September 2011

Lasagne (wheat, gluten, egg and dairy free)

the pasta
I have started looking for nice autumnal meals to start cooking as it is getting to be that time of the year. So having picked some brown rice lasagne pasta as part of my Healthy Supplies bundle then I decided lasagne seemed a good idea. I have always loved lasagne but find shop bought stuff unpleasant and unsuitable for our needs.

cook up mince and veg
So I bought 500g mince, fried it off  with 3 red onions, added some sliced carrots and parsnips and cooked it all up, adding flavourings to suit.

white sauce

To make the white sauce I melted 2 oz vitalite in a pan, and added approx 3oz dove farm self raising flour, then mixed in a home made rice milk to get a pourable white sauce.

layer up in a tin

Layer up mince, pasta and sauce, making sure you add plenty of fluid as you go to give the pasta plenty to soak up. Cook for 40 mins at 170 oC.

The "Bob safe" finished product
serve with a green veg and potatoes if desired.

I always feel lasagne is one of those foods that tastes better on day 2, so I always make the day before I want to eat it, and slice into portions and reheat in the microwave.

To be honest I can not taste the difference between this and normal lasagne.

I felt this pasta seemed expensive when I bought it,  but I got 2 lasagnes ( 1 Bob safe, 1 not) out of 200g of this, leaving me enough for another 1 3/4 lasagnes, so you are getting nearly 4 lasagne out of the 1 box, if you compare this to normal lasagne pasta it really is does not work out any more expensive.

This is a review post thanks to Healthy Supplies, but the findings as usual are my own.

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