Saturday, 10 September 2011

Is your blog less than a year old? Need help to get established?

I have been blogging for just over 5 months now, and I feel I have come along way, learnt a lot and had masses of fun whilst doing so. But I still have a lot to learn ,a lot of new friends to find and a lot of reading still to do.

As all you bloggers will know, it can be very difficult for new bloggers to find their way in the big scary world of blogging. How do you get people to see you, to come across and spot your talent, to get more people reading your deepest inner most thoughts, or laugh with you...or cry with you?

Well there is a cracking new website that is out there to help people like us. It is called Love new blogs, and you can find it here. It is designed to help parent bloggers find a footing, build up new followers, and find other interesting blogs to read and follow. To qualify you must be a parent blogger with a blog less than a year old

It describes itself as 
Run by a newish blogger, Love New Blogs is a place to showcase your talents. As a new blogger I know that sometimes you feel like you are shouting ‘Here! Me! Over here! Look everyone!’ only to feel a little swamped in an ocean of established mummy blogs.
Love New Blogs updates once every week on a Monday with some brand, spanking new excerpts from up and coming blogging talent. Right here is where we can form a small showcase for emerging blogging talent- together.

It is quick, easy and free to join in, and once you have joined you just find a post you would like people to read and then

Your submission should be an excerpt from a post (roughly a paragraph long). This means we can link through to your blog if someone clicks to ‘read more’ – meaning more visits to your blog and that any comments go directly to you – where they deserve to be!
go across and see what you need to include, and it goes live this Monday.

Then come Monday you can go along read other peoples posts, leave a comment if you feel you wish to, become a follower of the other newbie bloggers and help everybody grow and expand.

So why not come along, support this brand new blog, that is supporting all us new bloggers -  a win win situation on my book.

Whilst I am talking about sites out there for us new bloggers why don't you also go over and join in with Blog-match , these are there for established blogs as well, but they describe themselves as
The exciting new site that enables bloggers to match up with brands. 
Brands these days are getting more blog-savvy.  PR’s know that parental bloggers have a huge influence on the success or failure of their brand.  Many PR’s want to work with bloggers on campaigns, reviews or just to seek out advertising spaces and is the ideal portal for them to get their ideas in front of hundreds of willing bloggers.

What better opportunity  for new bloggers to try and get a foothold onto the ladder of being a reviewer? I have done a review for them , and am waiting on another one to come out, if I can do it so can you.

Lastly why not go and read the guest post I did for them a few weeks back, might give you some fresh ideas to help you out? Another blog saw my guest post and asked me to write one for them as well, so here is my 2nd guest post. I feel honoured that people ask me to write for them, and it is another way of getting yourself out there.

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  1. Thanks for posting this - I've just started a blog and have submitted an article! x


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