Friday, 16 September 2011

do birds have allergies grandma?

just a short posting here, but it makes me realise just what an impact having a child like Bob in the family has on Fifi, and that a child truly learns what they live

On Thursday morning I went out to top up the bird feeder whilst the kids were sat at the table eating their breakfast. On my way back in
Fifi says to me "what are you feeing them?"
Me - bird food
Fifi  - but what sort of bird food?
Me - I dont know just bird food
Fifi - but there is no list of ingredients, how do the birds know if they are allergic to it?

I must admit I had no answer for that one!! But quite an intelligent comment when we as a family read everything twice before feeding to young Bob.


  1. What a clever comment!

    Thanks for your comment on my post about guest blogging :) it would be lovely if you could do a baking post! my emails if you would like to discuss this further :) xo

  2. it really is amazing what kids can come up with!


  3. So cute that she's bothered about the bird's health! It does show how used she is to checking food before eating it, or feeding it to others. Very conscientious of her!

  4. Wow that's a fab comment - so wise beyond her years - it's got me wondering if birds/animals do have allergies!

  5. yes pictorialmum my daughter and I did start that as a serious adult discussion later on....we decided in theory they would probably just would Bob without medical interevention

  6. I love that :) I can see a growing market there - hypo-allergenic bird food! *runs off to patent office*


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