Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Egg, gluten, wheat and dairy free brioche

On Monday night whilst baking with the children I had previously made a brioche that I cooked whilst the oven was on anyway.

I took my recipe from Phil Vickerys Seriously good gluten free baking book that he was lovely enough to have given me to adapt some of his recipes to suit Bob.

Phils recipe

125ml semi-skimmed milk (I used home made rice milk which I made using my Kiemling milk maker)
1 large egg ( I used egg replacer )
325 g gluten free flour mix ( Phil recommends 7 parts white rice flour, 2 parts potato and 1 part tapioca)
1 teaspoon Xanthan gum
1 teaspoon salt
25g caster sugar
7g sachet easy blend dried yeast
200 g unsalted butter, chilled and cubed ( I used vitalite)
75 g sultanas ( I used a mix of sultanas and dried cherries)

warm the milk, add the egg and beat slightly

the uncovered unrisen mix
place dry ingredients ( not fruit) in a food processor and pulse to mix. Add the butter and process briefly, leave some lumps, you dont want it to go to breadcrumbs.

Empty contents of processor into a large bowl, make a well in centre, add dried fruit and milk and egg mixture. Fold together briefly, mixture suppose to be lumpy.

Spoon into a oiled loaf tin. cover with clingfilm and prove for an hour.

Cook for 25-30 mins at 200 oC until well risen and brown on top ( note egg free one will not brown)

Eat whilst warm and fresh. This surprised me, normally making recipes with the ingredients I use a lot of the time once cooked they have a brownie consistency to them, this did not it was a lighter airier bake than my normal, so I guess the yeast must do something after all.

sliced and yummy
Well Monday nights one was left for 1 hr covered in the green house as the sun was sort of shining some of the time, and then for 1hr on a warm radiator, it made no attempt to rise what so ever, but I popped it in the oven and cooked it anyway. It stuck to the tin and broke coming out, and I tried a broken piece....and promptly (sorry) spat it back out into my hand, it was bogging beyond believe, I think my problem was the yeast had not activated. When I had bought yeast during the week I had been in a rush and just picked up yeast, its years since I have made my own bread, and did not realise it needed to be activated, it was not easy stuff. I had placed it in with sugar and warm water but used flax seed as egg replacer and had popped it all in one cup, and I guess the flax seed held back the yeast. It was all yeasty and horrible tasting, even some of the sultanas I picked out once it was cold tasted horrible as well.
But I got a laugh out of it, oh went into the kitchen when he came back from fishing, and helped himself to a bit, his face went the same as mine and he spat it out as well!! Such a polite couple that we are. Fifi said to granddad...grandma did that as well.

Anyway tonights one I had bought some instant yeast and used it instead. It still made no attempt to rise (again) but I cooked it up, and apart from being a tad salty it was delicious. OH even ate some and went back for me...he is reluctant to eat Bob safe baking ( cos its got all the nice things taken out), so that is praise indeed.

Now if I could just find a way to make an omelette/scrambled egg type mixture but egg free  I could convert it to bread and butter pudding. Any recipes for this anyone??


  1. I do love the term 'bogging!' Very funny! The stuff you took a pic of looked lovely though. I might have another go at a cake, am terrible at making them usually.

  2. Mmmm... looks yummy!

    Good luck with the egg free scrambled egg!

  3. Looks good! Thanks for sharing the baking tips.


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