Friday, 16 September 2011

A Monday night with no grandchildren

oops...waves a bit high
Normally the grandchildren are here on a Monday night, but due to the adverse weather conditions I decided I was not risking picking them up, or their mum being able to get back to pick them up for school on Tuesday morning.

These pictures were taken by a friend of my husbands who was mad enough to go down to Saltcoats (only because the tv cameras were there as it was decided by them that we were the windiest place on mainland Britain on Monday). Saltcoats is 10mins away from us, so we were just as wild wet and windy.

So I hear you say. you had a nice quiet relaxing evening. Did I flip, no such thing with my family.

the trains at Saltcoats
Now to add to the fun of the weather and travel problems daughter No2 was flying back from Plymouth to Glasgow on Monday, and daughter No1 was to be picking her up from the train station to take her home (they both live in same village), but as I did not have the children and daughter No1 wasn't willing to drive the same road as I had refused to, I was left having to pick up daughter problem train station is less than 5 mins away from me and she was due it at 6.15pm. 6.15 became 7.30, became 9.30, became 11.20...

The plane she should have flown up in had not left Glasgow the day before, so her flight was cancelled. So she was transferred on to a none direct flight....and to cut a long story short as I can hear you yawning by now she did not land in Glasgow till after midnight - far to late for a connecting train and far to wild a night for me or any other sensible person to risk going up for her. So she got a taxi I had to get up next morn to run her home in time for her to get changed and go out to I was up for 6am....earlier than with the grandchildren.

Enjoy them while that are young....much much easier to cope with and handle.

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