Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Healthy Supplies choice for July

Placed my order with Healthy Supplies this week, and have gone for a few different items with a few different ideas in mind.

various different flours, want to try a light brown self raising,  spelt, rye and chestnut flour breads and muffins

healthy sugars with low GI, much healthier in baking.

tomato puree and soya chunks, fancy trying these with quinoa or cous cous with a nice sauce

My vanilla extract, bought over a year ago is finished, the stuff seems to lasts for ever, and is really nice in cakes and pancakes as well as ice-cream and custard. Lime juice and lemon  juice for rice, quinoa, cakes or muffins

and a top up or dried fruits, all help to add fibre, can be added to cooking both savoury and sweet as well as making healthy snacks, got apricots, vine fruits and very berry cherries.

So what did I make with last months items?

My thanks again to Healthy Supplies for their continuing support. 

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