Sunday, 1 July 2012

Project 366 183/366

Wow cant believe how quickly day 183 has come around. I for one never thought I could stick at this project. I never was a photographer, but every where I go and everything I look at is looked at with new eyes, with a view to could it be a photograph? I notice things I never have before, I look at everything differently, and I have got a new pleasure out of life because of it.

I never thought I would take pictures of reflections of Radox bottles, numbers on lamp posts, reflections on ponds or the ice on the car window when the car frosted up, red mould on cheese spread, hordes of midges or shadows on the living room wall.

Sadly I am now finding out the limitations of my camera, it does not fire quick enough, half my subjects have moved/flown away or whatever before my camera focuses and fires. It does not have a macro mode therefore I cannot get close ups of small creatures and other shots. I never ever thought when I started this project that I would be saying this six months down the line - I am going to have to find a way to afford a better camera, one as simple to use but with better functions.

Todays picture is of what may seem to you a plain ordinary boring cactus, but this cactus is about fifth generation removed from one that youngest daughter bought for her dad.It  was a tiny wee thing in a small petit filous sized pot at a Christmas Fair when she was eight  years old, she is now twenty three. It has grown and divided many times, and we currently have three of them on the bedroom windowsill. Every year it produces flowers, and if we get any then I will photograph it again and put it up.

and it is in keeping with my nature theme

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  1. What a great story behind the cactus and that is what I think makes this project more interesting. It's not about arty shots, it's about taking photos of something or someone that mean something to you.

  2. That is really interesting about the cactus I never knew they took that long to grow.

  3. Wow, its lasted! I am no good with house plants at all!

  4. fab story behind the cactus, lovely photo thanks for sharing

  5. Much history behind your wee Cactus then!

  6. I useed to have one of those and ours flowered and had new little ones too. Ours didn't last long though, it died after flowering and we couldn't get any of the shoots to grow..
    Well Done!!!

  7. Love the photo, the framing against the clean and bright green background is very clever, well done. I hope you find a way of getting a new camera, sounds like you need one with a close macro setting?

    Thanks for linking up

  8. I love when the photo's have a great story. Love it. and btw the macro setting is my FAVORITE on my camera but only my little camera has a great one. I have a really nice digital SLR and I am saving to buy a macro lense. Good look!


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