Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trying out Rice Bran Oil

I saw a fellow blogger using Rice Bran Oil and admit it is not something I have heard of before, so I had to go and look it up and was well impressed with what I read, so had to try it.

Rice Bran Oil is truly "The World's Healthiest" edible oil, containing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and trans fat free. It's not just delicate and flavorful, it can help lower cholesterol, fight diseases, enhance the immune system, fight free radicals and more. Rice Bran Oil is extremely light, versatile and delicious. Use it to fry, sauté, in salad dressings, baking, dipping oils and where ever you use cooking oil. Once you use it you will be amazed cooking light and healthy is also the best tasting.

apricot upside down cake

Luckily enough it seems to readily available  and I found some in my local supermarket with 50% extra free in. So I tried it last night to make some cakes.

I used 100ml of oil in place of 4 oz margarine
mixed with 100g coconut sugar
added 2 eggs and then mixed in
200g light brown self raising flour

at this point I needed to add some more liquid probably because it being a different type of flour, and as I had a tinned of apricots open I used the
fruit juice out of it. 

I used this to make an apricot upside down cake, well I had no pineapple. Put some half apricots round the edge of a round cake tin and put the mixture on top, some of the apricots moved  and enedee up more in the middle of the mixture rather than underneath.

The cake made for a very light, moist and pleasant cake. I often use sunflower oil or sun olive oil to make cakes ( quick and healthier option) but this makes for a lighter cake, not as oily as the other oils. The colour of the cake comes from a mixture of the sugar and flour.

cherry cakes

So the next night I made more of the same mixture to make cherry cakes with. I cut some fresh picota cherries in half, stoned them and stirred them through the mix, and these released all their juices and flavour into the cake mix as they cooked.

I'm glad I discovered this stuff and would highly recommend you give it a try.

The highlighted items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, the oil was bought independently but the recipe idea is my own

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