Monday, 16 July 2012

Project 366 198/366

We seem to be having the best of the weather judging by other peoples posts, and so we wandered off to the park tonight to run off some energy.

There is a spiders web climbing frame here that Fifi went straight up, so what Fifi does Bob has to follow. She didn't think he could do it and ridiculed him, he got up there like a little monkey. One heart stopping moment on the second time down when his feet missed the rope and he was hanging by his arms, well above my head height, but he found his footing again and made it up and down in one piece.

This is a picture of Bob, Fifi and Auntie Heather at the top.

Couple of minutes of video at two speed, will let you see the height as Fifi climbs it and a bit of them having fun on the roundabout and playing hide and seek. 


  1. Lovely pic and video!
    The weather here has been awful :( x

  2. There used to be a spider frame like that at one of our local parks. They took it down when ONE child slipped and fell off it!! Spoil sports..what's wrong with children falling it's part of growing up!!

    1. exactly Soosie, in my day kids fell onto concrete but we still go let them play, at least they get a softish landing on the bark. I remember my brother and sister breaking a leg and an arm each in a play park


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