Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Whitworth's fruit cake baking kit review

My daughter had seen one of these when shopping a few weeks ago, and decided she would buy one for Fifi to make, so it came to my house last night for her to do.

The box had in it nearly everything you needed to make the cake, just had to add 220g butter, 3 eggs and the rind of an orange.

I prepared the cake tin ( well casserole dish in this case as didn't have the correct size tin) by greasing and double lining as per the instructions and left Fifi to do the rest for herself, but was on standby to ask for help if needed.

oops a piece of eggshell.

The box comes with complete easy to follow instructions and the correct amount of ingredients just to add at the correct stage.

I was surprised by just how much alcohol soaked dried fruit was in the packet, the smell coming out of the bag was very appealing, and this has given the finished cake more fruit than cake I think, just how I like my fruit cakes I must admit.

Fifi smelt the two different spices that it came with, and was trying to work out what sort of foods she has eaten with these spices in, or what she may have used them for before in the kitchen.

One of the stages required the grated peel of an orange, so she learnt how to grate peel off of an orange, she tells me she has only grated cheese before, but she now knows how to do it. Another learning experienced achieved.

I held the bowl while she poured the cake mix in as the bowl was very heavy time it was all mixed and she needed both hands to hold it with, but that was all the assistance I needed to give her.

The result was a moist very fruit rich cake full of flavour and very very nice to eat. Would buy another one

We had a few tears off Bob as I would not allow
him in the kitchen when we were making it as it does contain nuts, he did understand when we explained to him, but normally he watches us out of touching reach, so he went and sat with granddad and watched Scooby Doo instead. . 

We did this review because we were impressed with the ease and finished result of the product.


  1. well done Fifi looks yummy

  2. lol ! Fifas little tongue poking out. Great job :) Looks fab.

    Thanks for linking up with Mini Mess x


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