Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

There is a campaign currently running and I feel the video is worth sharing.

article from here 

Breast cancer ads use real pictures

A groundbreaking new health campaign in Scotland is the first in the UK to show real pictures of women's breasts that have been affected by cancer.
Actress and comedian Elaine C Smith, whose mother died from breast cancer, is fronting the awareness-raising campaign.
Television adverts, to be shown after the 9pm watershed, feature her holding up a series of placards showing breasts displaying symptoms of the disease.
The campaign carries the message that lumps are not the only sign of cancer.
Smith, who starred in Rab C Nesbitt, said: "For some, the campaign might be shocking but as far as I'm concerned if this saves one life, it is absolutely worth it."
The campaign is part of a £30 million Scottish Government initiative which aims to increase the number of cases of cancer detected early by 25%.
Smith said: "For too many years women have been confused and scared about what to look for. This campaign should help inform people about some of the signs related to breast cancer and encourage them to seek help.
"I am proud that this campaign will help to educate and inform women and men because increased awareness will save lives. I lost my own mum to breast cancer and I know that if she had seen this campaign she would have known what she was looking for and perhaps visited the doctor and been checked much earlier."
Scotland's Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said the adverts take a "bold approach which has not been used before".
She said: "Women can often be confused about what to look for and it is important that we get the message across that it's not just lumps that can be a sign of breast cancer. I hope that this drive will get people talking about breast cancer and encourage people to become more aware of the signs and symptoms."

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