Monday, 24 September 2012

Telestrations - what we thought of it.

I was sent a game of telestrations as part of the Rainbow Toy Awards 2012. I have no obligation to do a blog post on it,as I had paperwork to fill in,  but I have to say "with the party season coming up it is a must buy for anybody that likes a laugh."  

Telestrations is

Telestrations by USAOPOLY is the award-winning laugh-out-loud party drawing game that
connects all generations through hilarious miscommunications!
Combining the schoolyard favorite ‘telephone game’ with markers and sketch books,
Telestrations has players draw what they see, then guess what they saw. The result?
The Big Reveal, where players get to share how “this” became “that!” How does “doggy bag”
become “man purse?” How does “belly ring” become “tighty whities?” You’ll only know once
you’ve experienced the Telestrations effect!
Reasons Telestrations is the #1 Party Game!
  • All play – it's everyone's turn all the time!
  • Multigenerational fun – kids to adults!
  • Easy play & unpredictable outcomes!
  • No drawing skills required – stick figures & a sense of humor welcome!

Now when I opened the box and read the instructions I thought "booooooring" but upon playing the game we were literally laughing out loud. The game is great across the generation, or for a group of children age 8+ or for a group of adults along with a few drinks.

Rainbow Toy awards have used this picture on their website, how fab is that.

This website says from age 12+ but the box says 8+ and Fifi at 9 easily managed it.

My drawing skills led to a lot of hilarity and I was worrying my daughter, as she was after me and had to guess from my drawings, and the more I laughed the more worried she got.

Now some of these worked out well,and others proved much funnier.

the secret word

picture 1

first guess

picture 2

2nd guess

picture 3

final guess

and then there are the ones that went slightly astray

This one was still on theme, but believe me not all of them are.

I would give this game 10 out of 10 and would recommend anybody to buy it.

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