Saturday, 29 September 2012

Project 366 273/366

On Thursday  night daughter No2 phoned to say she was honouring me with her presence on Saturday evening and bringing her OH with her...ohhh and her daft dog. She knows I don't cook after work at weekends, maybe toast and beans or rolls and bacon but that is as far as it goes. So she said she would bring the stuff required to make chicken fajitas and make my tea for me.

My OH was planning on dropping me off at work today and then going up to Glasgow with a friend as he wanted to buy some fishing stuff and the shop had their end of season clearance on.

OH had came back from Glasgow earlier than expected as his friend ended up not going so when he came to pick me up after work he told me that daughter No2 had turned up along with a filthy soaking wet dog to dump in my house while she went off to Glasgow, knowing I would be back before she would to let him out and look after him for her. No mention of tea etc just a hairy smelly rather large dog left for me!!

  lol.... just got a message on FB from daughter to tell me she sent me a text about tea.....and is going to get a take away when I pick her up.


  1. hehe, thats what kids are for, I guess. Seems like they know how to work their parents even when they are older. The daft dog look lovely my daughter wants a doggy desperately x

  2. kids are much easier when they are under 10. Dog really is not a problem at all,hes a great big soppy lump, just after a few hrs he starts to affect my breathing


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