Friday, 28 September 2012

Foodie Foto Friday (28th September)

Spotted this in a local farm shop today, not sure what it is but I will call it a broccoflower. Its a light green colour with florets like a broccoli but texture of a  cauliflower. It taste similar to cauliflower but a bit stronger.

Madness did not really buy it to eat ( thought we did at tea time) but cos I thought it would make a good photo.


  1. It looks amazing like something from under the sea! I love seeing new vegetables . Week before last I bought some rainbow cauliflower because they looked so pretty there was purple, orange and yellow. Shame no one else in my family agreed with me , so I had to mash them in with some potato for a cottage pie topping!

  2. very interesting looking & like Jenny says, like something from under the sea.Too pretty to eat!


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