Monday, 8 October 2012

An afternoon of baking

I was bored earlier on a few days ago and decided to go and do a baking. I had been sent a carton of Coconut and Rice drink by Provamel  and so decided to use it in baking.

I made gluten free coconut muffins, lemon cakes, a blackberry and apple sponge,  and 2 barm loafs, 1 gluten free one normal.

Coconut muffins

iced and decorated
2 fl oz carotino oil (normally use rice barm oil but couldn't find any)
8 oz Provamel Coconut and rice drink in place of milk
2 spoons egg replacer mixed in the milk replacer

6 oz gluten free flour
2 oz coconut flour
4oz coconut sugar
2oz coconut

Mix together dry ingredients
mix together wet ingredients

Mix together wet and dry and then place into cake cases, and cook for 15 minutes at 180 oC

I love the colour the oil gave to the cakes. The combination of the coconut ingredients made for a very nice cake, slightly on the heavy side and I have been experimenting with gluten free as I am increasingly finding white flour causing me problems.

The Provamel drink is more like a juice, it does not have a thick milk consistency and therefore I found it very pleasant and refreshing to drink. It work well in the muffins, in which I would normally use milk.

Barm Loaf

I made two of these, both with the same basic ingredients, one with Gluten Free flour, one with normal flour.

Make a pint of tea using two tea bags and a pint of hot water. Add one star anise and 8 oz sultanas to the mix whilst hot and leave for twelve hours.

Mix 10 oz flour (either gluten free or normal)
with 5 oz coconut sugar
and then stir in half the tea and sultanas into each set of dry mix

Place into a greased  loaf tin and cook for approx 45 minutes at 160 oC

You could not tell the difference between these two and the gluten free one is as light and tasty as the other one.

Lemon cakes

lemon cakes decorated with choc butter icing and lemon slices

Mix 4oz dairy free margarine
with 3 oz fruit sugar

add 2 eggs,                                
a teaspoon lemon extract

add 8 oz light brown self raising flour and stir

cook in cake cases for 12 mins at 180 oC

I made double the mixture and used half to make a blackberry and apple sponge.

I placed a layer of sponge at the bottom of a casserole dish, peeled and sliced three eating apples which I layered on top and then sprinkled blackberries across the top, and finished off with another layer of sponge.

The lemon complimented the apple and blackberry to make for a very nice dessert.


  1. I like the look of that barm loaf

  2. its one I make regularly, can vary the flavour of the tea bag, it is nice with things like apple and cinnamon tea bags etc

  3. I am going to propose to the Barm Loaf!!! I love love love it. It's my favourite delivery. There was no difference between the two loaves- I loved both equally :0P
    The lemon cakes were delicious- lemon is my fav flavour for desserts.
    I also really enjoyed the moist texture of the coconut cakes.

    Having been able to eat most things- then later in life- developing more and more allergies- I can be a fair judge to most of the recipes you make, and I have to say there is plenty to be made that is palatable AND enjoyable, if you look around an try new ways of baking and making.

    Thank you, again, for sharing the yummies!!


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