Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Definition of a Grandmother

I was visiting a friend earlier today, and she had a copy of this brilliant poem that I loved enough to share with you, it really made me laugh. Enjoy.

Definition of a Grandmother
                           (by an eight year old)

A grandmother is a woman who has no children of her own
and therefore loves boys and girls of other people.
Grandmothers have nothing to do;
they only have to be there.
If they take us for a walk they go slowly past
beautiful flowers and caterpillars.
The never say "come along quickly" or
"hurry up for goodness sake".
They are usually fat, but not too fat
to tie our shoelaces.
They wear spectacles and sometimes
take out their teeth.
They can answer every question, such as
why dogs hate cats and why God is not married.
When they read to us they do not leave anything out,
and they do not mind if it is always the same story!
Everyone should try to have a grandmother,
they are the only adults who have plenty of time. 

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