Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Twinkl review

Got my daughter to write this review as she has been using it and is therefore better placed than me to sharer opinions. 

We were given a year’s premium membership to www.twinkl.co.uk to try out with Bob, as part of his home education.  Having used the site on and off for a month now, here are my initial thoughts.

Twinkl say “With over 65,000 Early Years, KS1 & KS2 resources, we're the one stop shop for all your teaching needs!”  

They have lots of lovely materials and resources, from playdough mats, posters, certificates, wristbands, through to letter formation, topic packs, addition and subtraction activities, and many many more.  Most items are available to print in either colour or black and white, or to order ready printed (for an extra cost).   All of the resources we have used so far have been bright and colourful, and have gone down fairly well with Bob.

Twinkl have two membership versions available, standard and premium.  Premium membership allows you to download packs containing everything in a selected topic or set with one click, which is much easier and quicker than downloading pages individually.  There are also a few resources available only to premium members, but these seem to be few and far between.

Searching through topics isn’t always easy, and often, there are pages and pages of items to look through, and no way of breaking them down any more.  However, this seems to have improved a little in the last month, with more subheadings.  You can set the site to only show KS2 resources, KS1 and 2, or all resources, but I’m used to the Scottish school system, meaning that KS’s really don’t mean a great deal!

On the whole, it’s a good website, with lovely resources, but difficult to navigate, and, unfortunately for Twinkl, there are many other sites doing almost the same thing for free.  However, for teachers or group leaders, the advantage of downloading packs of resources with one click is well worth the membership fee, which is something I haven’t seen anywhere else.  

The review is are honest findings, not influenced by the fact it was free. 

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  1. Twinkl is a great resource, I use it a lot in school and have logged on and printed out some things for The Boy as well.


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