Saturday, 10 November 2012

Foodie Photo Friday - Week 10

This is a linky being run by Helen over at The Crazy Kitchen, you can join in if you wish.

This week it has been hearty soups I have been making. 

Carrots, sweet potato, leeks and black turtle beans in a ham stock made with knorr stock cubes.

Yesterday I made this so tea just needed reheating when I get in from work tonight.

I boiled a  ham hock for the stock, then added a few carrots, some green beans and some brown basmati rice

Also made a belated birthday cake for OH


  1. Love the birthday cake; were you inspired by your visitor earlier in the week?

    1. no it was more hubby loves chocolate buttons and it was a bit different

  2. my Mum used to make hedgehog cakes for our birthdays every year!
    thanks for linking up


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