Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Britmums #HalfTermFood Linky Challenge

Hunted through the freezer tonight for something to use with my pork chop for tea. Was feeling in a couldnt be bothered to stand and cook mood but didn't really have enough of anything to make a full size meal.

Then I realised I  did have a few Aunt Bessie's delicious crinkle  chips, Aunt Bessie's homestyle hash browns, a few pieces of Aunt Bessie's honey glazed roast parsnips and a few Aunt Bessie's Real onion rings in batter. So I decided to use them up and create room in the freezer for some new bags of the products. 

Now I appreciate it is hardly being a whiz at creating a menu, as asked for in the blog  post but in the current economic times we are in it is a thrifty use of items. When my children were young they liked nothing better than "freezer clearance tea" whereby I hauled all the bits and pieces out and cooked them all and they selected what they wanted. Little did they know then it was done when we were skint, they thought it was a great tea.

Tonights meal was quick and easy, put it all on a tray in the oven, and after ten mins added the onion rings to the tray and at that point cooked some mixed veg on to boil as well.

and to save more waste I had made a peach cake last night, and finished it off tonight with the left over custard.

It looked like this last night. Placed peaches in the bottom of the tin, poured over a basic cake mix with added almonds and  then topped with some biscuits that I had made and had uncooked in the freezer, so again it was being thrifty using up odds and ends.



  1. Good luck with your Bessy challenge. I'm half tempted to go and buy some to enter as well, but I know I rarely get round to go shopping. x

  2. Like your ideas here and we all to need to use value for money products like Aunt Bessies in these cash-strapped times.

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