Thursday, 22 November 2012

Keepsake Dolls - a review

the finished doll
I was offered a Keepsake Doll to review. These dolls are hand made by Danielle over at handmadeatholmes. Their clothes are made using a piece of your child's clothing so they are unique one off doll. They are totally individual dolls as you can see from the list of questions you answer before your doll is made.

the dress

Keepsake dolls
Please note these dolls are not CE compliant as they are sold as a keepsake rather than a toy

1. Please advise what doll you would like?

2. Have you a preference for hair colour – this is made from felt

3. What style of hair would you like short, bunches or plaits?

4. Is cream material ok for skin colour or would you like baby pink or natural?

5. Have you a preference for colours of material to match your outfit?

stitching on the arm

6. Please advise what outfit you will be supplying along with a photograph if possible

7. Is there anything on the outfit that you specifically want shown on the doll- i.e. emblem etc.

8. Do you want a skirt, dress, or just a soft bodied doll?

9. Do you want glasses added?

10. Please advise child’s name and any other details you want to be sewn onto the doll.

11. Do you want any off-cuts of the outfit returned?

18. The turnaround time for a doll will be seven days unless previously advised.

19. Once your outfit has arrived handmadeatholmes will contact you to confirm details

20. Any other comment or details please comment here

These dolls sell for £20 which as a unique keepsake makes them very good value for money and a brilliant Christmas present.

So what did we think of the doll?

She was very well finished, I loved the nice even stitching in a contrasting colour to the clothes. The stitching is made to be an intricate part of the finished item.

The dress was beautifully made with the item of clothing that we sent off with the instruction sheet filled in.

her pigtails and hair with a hair band in
The facial expression is well done and make the doll look very pretty, the hair is well attached with cute pigtails and I liked the finishing touch of my granddaughters name sewn onto the doll  under her dress.

I was sent the doll for the purposes of the review, but my findings are honest and not influenced by this.

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