Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Indoor Allergy Week - Ecover's Zero Range

In the build-up to Indoor Allergy Week (November 12th – 18th), Ecover is offering allergy  sufferers an alternative to those strong chemical-based laundry products that can leave your skin feeling agitated – its fragrance-free range, Ecover ZERO.

With around one in three people in the UK suffering from allergies, Indoor Allergy Week, which takes place from November 12th until 18th, aims to highlight the things we can do to avoid allergy triggers around the house.
Having launched the range earlier this year, which has the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, Ecover is looking to relieve those who suffer from sensitive skin and who are allergic to strong chemicals in laundry and washing products. Specifically crafted to give exceptional washing results for people who want a fragrance free product they can trust, Ecover ZERO is set to be the number one cleaning range for people with allergies.

Using only gentle plant-based and mineral ingredients and with no fragrances, optical brighteners or phosphates, choosing ZERO can help to reduce your allergic symptoms, whether it be when tackling the dirty dishes or when trialling a new laundry detergent.

Clare Allman, UK Head of Marketing at Ecover says: “Indoor Allergy Week is a time for us all to be mindful of skin allergies and how we can help people who suffer from them. All of our products are kind to skin but we wanted to provide an even gentler alternative to what was on offer. Meeting Allergy UK’s strict standards for accreditation has meant that ZERO isn’t just an effective cleaning range; it’s proven to be of benefit to  people with allergies.”   

The ZERO core range is made up of a Laundry Liquid, Washing Powder, Fabric Conditioner and Washing Up Liquid; the perfect fragrance-free choices for those essential household chores that can typically aggravate the skin and cause allergic reactions. And what’s more, the new additions to the range still maintain the same effectiveness at tackling those nasty stains and odours! Cutting through grease, banishing tough marks at 30°C and leaving your clothes luxuriously soft are the sparkling results you can expect from Ecover ZERO. The ZERO Washing Powder and Washing Up Liquid also continue to carry the Good Housekeeping Institute 2012 mark of approval.

I was sent out some items from this range to see what I thought of them. One of the biggest differences I immediately notice was the lack of smell. For people like me the smells can be huge irritants and even having products sitting under my kitchen sink can be enough to make me sneeze and my eyes itch when I am near the sink. 

Check out information on the sparkling new range below:
ZERO Non-Bio Laundry Liquid

RRP £6.99 (1.5L)
Leave your clothes fragrance free and fantastically clean with Ecover ZERO Laundry Liquid. Using plant-based ingredients and approved by Allergy UK you can trust ZERO to get the results without the irritation.

I have tried this out, it certainly cleans your clothes so no complaints there.Some non bio products irritate my hands when handling  the washing whilst it is still wet straight out the machine, for all they may be ok to wear when dry.  This product did not cause me any dryness when handling at this stage.

ZERO Non-Bio Washing Powder

RRP £3.89 (750g)
For dazzling white and fragrance free clothes use Ecover ZERO Washing Powder. Using plant-based ingredients and approved by Allergy UK it is gentle to your skin whilst getting the job done, backed by its GHI Approval. 
I cannot comment on this product as I have not tried it, I do not use powders as a rule at all, but if it is based on the same principal as the liquid then I cannot see it being a problem.

ZERO Fabric Conditioner

RRP £1.92 (750ml)
Leave your clothes fragrance free and luxuriously soft with Ecover ZERO Fabric Conditioner. Making ironing a breeze whilst using gentle plant-based ingredients, ZERO is approved by Allergy UK and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

I dont normally use a fabric conditioner so did notice the difference in the softness in comparison to not using any. Again as with the liquid wash this did not irritate my hands when wet. 

ZERO Washing Up Liquid
RRP £2.09 (750ml)
Protect your hands when doing the dishes with Ecover ZERO Washing Up Liquid. Fragrance Free, using plant-based ingredients and approved by Allergy UK it will take care of sensitive skin whilst with its GHI approval; you know it will do the job.

This product produces a good amount of bubbles, I know they say you do not need them but I do like them personally. It handled greasy/dirty dishes very well and the results were as good as my normal liquid. This did not tend to dry out my hands and I was impressed with it and certainly would buy it in the future. 

For more information about the range visit www.ecover.com or call us on 08451 302230.

These items are currently only available to buy on line but hopefully they will be readily available in the shops sometime on the future.

I was sent a bottle of washing up liquid, a bottle of fabric conditioner and a bottle of Non bio laundry liquid to try out, the findings are my own and not influenced by this. 

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