Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Project 366 318/366

Went for a blow along the beach earlier on as the rain had stopped and been for a nice walk for a while.  Walked along to The Millennium Bridge at Doonfoot, and there were about thirty swans swimming around plus the goose who is always with them, think he must have an identity crisis.

We also saw a black swan,  I have to admit I have never seen a black swan before. Shame the sun wasn't shining to highlight his colours a bit better. RSPB website tells you they are quite common in the UK.

black swan millennium bridge Doonfoot Ayr

 Also got some video footage, the last bit has a nice mating dance on.


  1. Thats really pretty, I have NEVER seen a black swan before, I would have thought they were rare not common lol

  2. Wow I ve never seen oneeither how gorgeous. and so are you for comnneting on my blog I love to hear from you and if you ever fancy writing me a gran budgeting guest post I would love you too.

    Best wishes, becky (Babybudgeting)


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