Thursday, 22 November 2012

Join a free scheme to get cheaper gas and electric.

Firstly can I point of this is not a sponsored post, so please keep reading, and it is open to anybody in the UK but act quick closes on November 25th.

To help drive down my heating costs I have been invited to join a scheme and hopefully achieve cheaper prices than I have now. The more people that register the cheaper the costs.

Let your friends and family in on this great opportunity!

Energy Auction to take place on 26 November

Dear Ms. Livingstone, 

You have registered, together with thousands of other participants, for Unison's Switch collective energy switching scheme. A smart move as together we are in an even stronger position to negotiate a very good deal for your energy. 

The auction will take place on Monday 26 November. From the 30th of November you will receive a personal offer – without any obligation - of the winning supplier. Should you decide to accept the offer, you will be able to benefit from a competitively priced energy contract.

The day after the auction, you can find information on the winning supplier's offer here.

Let others in on this opportunity. The more people join, the stronger our position to negotiate competitive prices. Let your family and friends benefit too by telling them about this collective switching scheme. They still have until 25 November to register. We have drafted an example e-mail for your convenience, to invite as many people as you like to join in – without any obligation!

Participate in this Collective Switching Scheme!

Registration is possible until 25 November

Recently I have registered myself for Unison's Switch collective energy switching scheme.
Why not join in the scheme and save on your energy bill as well?
Together we are in a better position to secure a more competitive energy deal. Participation is free and without any obligation. You can register via the link below.
With kind regards,
Elaine Livingstone

So why not join in and help us all out. Remember you are under no obligation to change of you dont feel you will benefit. It will be interesting to see if their price is cheaper than my current price.

I will also point out I get nothing put of you clicking the link, except cheaper heating costs. 

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