Thursday, 29 November 2012

Project 366 334/366

It was rather a  frosty night here last night which led to a nice bright sunny if cold day today. Nothing melted where the sun didn't reach leading to some very wintry looking scenes.

loved the effect of this with the close up of the icicles with the trees and blue sky in the back ground. 

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  1. Very pretty picture. Such big ice crystals. Haven't seen much frost down south(ish) yet.

  2. That is beautiful! Makes me feel a bit chilly though!

  3. Amazing photo! Love the frost, better than snow :)

  4. Gorgeous picture with the close up frost crystals in the foreground and wintry trees behind.

  5. pretty - and a brilliant close up x

  6. Oh Elaine that's brilliant! The clarity and focus are fabulous.

    Thanks for linking up


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