Friday, 23 November 2012

This months products from Healthy Supplies

Received my order from  Healthy Supplies today.

The vine fruits were bought because I have seen this recipe for chocolate minecmeat and fancied trying it, only I will make mine dairy free. Will use some in my mincemeat ice cream as well - here is last years post if you want to try it for yourself.  The blueberries and pomegranate are primarily for making muffins, to see of they explode the same as fresh ones.

The cocoa powder is for adding to cakes. Son No1 likes to use it in hot chocolate with cream and caramel sauce and I will also use as a dusting instead of icing sugar for a change. 

The coconut oil is for using in Christmas recipes as butter icing to create snowmen, snow and Santa's beard. I have seen Christmas recipes using whipped cream, but that's not an option in this house and I was racking my brains as to what I could use till I remembered this stuff and I can use it to make butter icing for the same effect.

Always order coconut sugar as it has so many uses apart from the obvious use in cakes. 
The mulled wine spices was a whim as we have quite a few bottles of red wine nobody is drinking. The green aniseed can be use in both sweet and savoury recipes and it is one flavour I could eat all day ever day, loved aniseed balls as a kid and still do to this day.

The carob is for doing into the mincemeat and probably on biscuits for Santa's elves in case any of them have allergies - bet none of you ever thought about this when you are putting out their snacks and chances are at least one of them will have. 

The roasted soya beans are for snacking on, I love them,

The no egg again is handy for meringue snowmen and  snow scenes.We did these last year if you want to see the post.  The tea bags were to see if they can help with IBS pains.

These products were chosen by me and supplied by Healthy Supplies and with them I make up recipes of my own choosing. 

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  1. thanks for mentioning the mincemeat - I look forward to seeing how it turns out x


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