Friday, 14 December 2012

Being organised for Christmas.

I think this is uppermost on everybody's mind at the moment. Too much too do and not enough time too do it. Too many things to think about, what too prioritise and what to leave until tomorrow.

even the dog joins in
But I try to avoid some of this by starting early. I buy my Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the Christmas sales, not only does this help with being organised it also helps with the budgeting.

If I see a bargain in the shops during the year then I will buy it and put it up the loft in a box. I then add it to a list so I know what I have in the loft and who for. This helps with the budgeting as you are both spreading the cost and also monitoring what you have so you don't waste money buying for the same person over and  over.

I also start my wrapping early. I tend to wrap parcels as I get them, label them and keep them all together in one place in the loft. As I have kept a list I know what is wrapped and up there.  I remember the days of wrapping for five children when it has all been left to the last minute, that for me was one of the things that I dreaded most and made the whole experience unpleasant.

the larger family complete with their children

I like to buy stamps at the supermarket every month, I dont miss £5 once a month just after pay day  but I certainly appreciate £55 to spend on Christmas food when the time comes. I have also been using the supermarket that is giving you £30 off a £40 shop Christmas week.  So there thanks to forward planning and being organised I have £85 to spend without spending a penny out of Decembers budget.

My next time saving exercise is good old internet shopping, I hate supermarkets at the best of times, but when they are filled with stressed parents, screaming brats  bored children, and the obligatory shoppers who block the aisles with their trolleys whilst they gab. I much prefer to be able to sit on my laptop and buy what I need - it is in comparison just heaven. Also with sites like good old Healthy Supplies to buy my allergy free food from then that is another stress removed.

Then of course there are the relatives who dont live local, my sister lives in Kent so all the presents are posted, and this is when organisation like Parcelforce comes in handy. So easy just take all your parcels along to the post office, get them weighed and forget about them knowing they are in safe hands. I am really really bad for getting things into the post. If you are reading this and awaiting a Christmas card from me it will be there on the 28th.

On Christmas eve I have the grandchildren for a few hours and we make mince pies for Santa, and allergy free cakes for his elves with allergies. This gives my daughter a chance to do all her last minute bits and pieces.

So there you have it, my organisation of Christmas.

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