Monday, 31 December 2012

Project 366 366/366

Im really very proud of myself, I have done it, taken a photo every day and blogged about it, today is the final one. I have done a round up of some of what I consider to be my best ones here. 

Todays was taken from an upstairs window of the world passing by whilst I was waiting on picking somebody up earlier.


  1. Look at them all just lined up like that. I bet that beautiful building opposite has seen some changes during it's time. A lovely photo, thank you for sticking with me this year, being an agony aunt and helping to provide support to so many others.

  2. Yeah you made it to the end!

  3. A very striking red sandstone building, this Procurator Fiscal's Office was the former Court House. It was built by local architect, William Railton, in 1852, on the site of the former passenger terminus and ticket office of the Kilmarnock and Troon wagon way. The first court session was on 5th May in the same year. It ceased to function as a court when a new purpose-built building was erected in 1985 on the junction of St Marnock Street and Dundonald Road. The original Court House was then converted into the Procurator Fiscal's Office and is still in administrative use today.The Procurator Fiscal is the Scottish equivalent of the Crown Prosecution Service in England.

  4. yay Congratulations Elaine on completing 366, look forward to seeing your pictures through 365 :-)

    1. have started them in my new page, but still not sure whether to publish as posts every day. did 651 posts last year and 366 were my project, so undecided whether as a 52 or a 366.


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