Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cranberry Marzipan Tarts

Trying to come up with some tasty ideas for using Christmas foods. So I had some pastry, some cooked fresh cranberries, bought some marzipan and decided to make tarts.

First role out the shortcrust pastry and cut circles and line a cake tin with the circles.
Pop a few cooked cranberries into each pastry case.
Roll out the marzipan and cut small circles to fit on top of the cranberries.

Make a basic cake mix and add some almond extract to flavour, and then fill up each case with cake mix.

Cook for approx 20mins at 160 oC.

The marzipan melts and adds a beautiful sweetness to the tarts

Make a change from mincemeat pies at this time of year.
I served mine with  soya cream

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