Saturday, 15 December 2012

Project 366 350/366

Took the car for a free winter check the other day. Not bad for free, they wash and hoover it once they have topped up all your levels. Poor car got quite a fright, it is scared of the hoover.

Their car wash was frozen so she informed  me.  I could bring the car back another day for a wash if I wanted, but this is the only road into and out of my street so not much point really. Once you get passed this mess whether you turn right or left you drive through more as they are building three lots of houses in or just off our street and run their diggers etc between one site and another.

Anyway I digress, after our free winter check we got a winter survival kit for the car, and whilst I was out I got some for OH as well as he is loaded with the cold.

free winter survival kit winter check Arnold Clark

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