Sunday, 9 December 2012

Uno Roboto - A review

There is nothing I like better than to sit and play games with the grandchildren, As a family when my own children were young long before tv's and computers were around board games were a great family pass time.

Too spend time concentrating on nothing but the children in a relaxed fashion is a great way to bond with children, to get them laughing and having fun with undivided adult attention, and with Christmas coming up what better present than a game or two of some sort?

We were sent a game of Uno Roboto by Mattel to try out.

Mix up family game time with UNO Roboto. Following the same rules of Classic UNO, two to six players attempt to get rid of all of their cards, but with one catch: an unpredictable interactive robot mixes up the game every chance it gets. The robot calls out random rules and funny phrases that change the way you play.
  • Interactive robot adds unpredictable excitement to Classic UNO gameplay
  • Record players' names and create special rules for custom play
  • Robot randomly delivers commands and challenges during the game
  • Age/Weight Requirements: Seven years and up
  • Assembly Requirements: Two to six players

Included in the Box

UNO Roboto figure, 108 cards, three AA batteries, and instructions.

The robot was quick and easy to set up as was the rest of the game. 

The robot with his buttons. 
From the second we switched on this game both children were hooked, tey loved putting in their names, and hearing it give them instructions. They was in fits of giggles when I had to put in a nick name for Fifi, and both of them were when it gave instructions to her using that nick name. 

Bob coped with this version much better than the original card game as he loved the noises the robot makes after a card is placed on the discard pile on top of his head. He concentrated better on it as there was more going on and he played 3 "games" before we packed in for tea. This game was good for playing whilst tea was cooking as the single

games themselves only lasted five or six minutes, so we could sit round the table and play and then clear away reading for eating. 

Bob placing his card
This is a great game to span the ages and the generations. We kept it a bit simpler as we did not keep score, but with older children it is nice to bring in a competitive element and they tend to have longer attention spans and would play tactically enhancing the game even further.

We give this game 9 out of 10. The only reason I have marked it down is because it is limited to a maximum of four players and I feel this should have been six as often at get togethers and family occasions, or even having other children in to play four is not always enough. 

Fifi had hers spread by colour. 

We were sent the game to try out as part of Mattels aim to try and fit board games into modern family life. But the review expresses our honest opinion of the game. 


  1. Think we might have to invest in this, love Uno.

    1. will be worth every penny. its great for 2 people or larger groups. we have played it with 8 of us before now.


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