Monday, 18 February 2013

Lizi's Granola - a review

I accepted an offer to try out Lizi's Granola.

Lizi tells how her granola began.

Soon after Mick and I married, we went on holiday to Cornwall and stayed in a B&B which served a delicious toasted muesli for breakfast. I went home thinking that I would like to make something like that and so I set about experimenting with toasting my own oats, nuts and seeds. With help from Mick, who is the ultimate taste panel, I finally perfected a toasted muesli which we both loved.
Having made the perfect breakfast cereal, the next obvious step was to open my own B&B in our Oxfordshire cottage. Everyone loved the cereal, I seemed to be making it every day. But it wasn’t until some American guests said “your granola is just so delicious” that we heard the name “granola”, and, of course, after that I always called it Granola.
Lots of guests said I should “bag it and sell it”, and whilst that has taken many years to happen, I finally did just that. Over the years I have modified the recipe here and there to take account of nutritional developments, in particular to reduce its glycaemic impact, but always with the view that my Granola should taste “just so delicious”. 

Lizi’s granola comes in seven delicious flavours to ensure everybody’s  taste buds are catered for, these 
flavours include; Original, Treacle Pecan, Passionfruit Pistachio, Mango Macadamia, Pink Apple Cinnamon 
and  Belgian Chocolate and  Organic.  

I was sent a bag of Treacle and Pecan to try out.

Gently toasted pecans were chosen for this Granola for their lovely warm, golden taste, and are balanced with black treacle for an added rich, dark flavour. This Granola was category winner at the Great Taste Awards in 2009, so you know it’s good!!


Jumbo rolled oats, rapeseed oil, desiccated coconut, pecans (7%), fructose, black treacle (4%), oligofructose*, golden linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, natural flavouring
*Oligofructose is a natural soluble fibre derived from chicory. As a prebiotic it helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

This cereal recommends a very generous 50g portion, the granola is very pleasant to eat, just the right sweetness and crunchiness. I ate mine with home made soya yoghurt. The cereal does not go soggy in the yoghurt and the last spoonful was as pleasant as the first.

RRP for a 400g bag is £3.65.

You can buy yours online here

I received a bag of granola in return for this honest review.

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