Saturday, 23 February 2013

Project 365 17th - 23rd Feb

Sunday 17th

I picked up a colleague on the way to work, to save her getting a taxi. She gave me these lovely bath bombs as a thank you, not that I wanted or needed anything, but was very nice, thanks Melissa.

Monday 18th

We spent ninety minutes on the beach today, beautiful weather. You can read more about it here

Tuesday 19th

On the way to taking Bob home we decide we would go via Auchencruive Estate and see what flowers were out, see if we could see ducks etc but there was not a lot out and could not see one single duck. We did see some hornets collecting pollen from the flowers.
These two purple crocus's (croci?) were very vibrant in amongst the dead grass.

Wednesday 20th

Took these of the bunch of flowers that I bought for my OH earlier on in the week, Just cos, no real reason for them.

Thursday 21st

We went off to Kilmarnock to do a few bits and pieces and saw the police helicopter flying around over head, no idea why.

Friday 22nd

 I got this, well I say this I actually got two of them in two separate envelopes, it was a prize from a competition.

Sat 23rd

A friend of ours is moving house, so with me being off this weekend we volunteered to shampoo the carpets to freshen them up before they moved in.

This is the view down the hill from their front door. I am quite jealous as I would love to go back to a country property, and this place is less than 2 miles from where I work.


  1. The crocuses are so vibrant. I love that colour.

  2. nice to see some blue sky and i bet that time at the beach was so much fun. the crocus's (not sure if plural is croci) are out so early this year arent they? such a great colour. sounds like a nice week Elaine and well done on the win x

  3. Some lovely outdoor pictures this week. I'm loving that crocus too - haven't seen one out like that here.

  4. you seem like a big fan of baking! yummy!

  5. A lovely week of photos, have you tried the bath bombs yet? They look lush! Really beautiful pictures, I would love that view from my house!

  6. What a lovely property they are moving into, it would scare me at night though. Beautiful crocii and I love the photo of Bob digging.

    Thanks for linking up.

  7. I'd love to have a view like that from my house! Love the photos of the flowers and the beach too.

  8. Crocuses already!! Spring is here!
    Looking forward to seeing the results of your baking!


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