Saturday, 9 February 2013

Project 365 4th -9th February

Decided to carry on with my project  as a weekly round up rather that daily.


Fifi has grown two inches since last January. The measure actually sits three inches off the floor, so she now measures 4ft 6in.


Bob has grown three inches since last January, he is really pleased now as he can reach my kitchen light switch, he is up to 3ft 7 inches


got through my prize I won from This Mummy Loves,

  • an iPod Shuffle and headphone splitters so that two of you of can enjoy your favourite tunes at the same time
  • a  Gruffalo Trunki ride-on suitcase to keep little ones entertained at the airport,
  • a stylish Trilby,
  • a sun cream kit to protect you from the hot weather
  • a Lonely Planet guide to 2013,


Not sure where this piece of post has been, but how does something that has been lost for six weeks suddenly become unlost? 


This little hug sits on my bedroom windowsill. This was bought by my daughter ten years ago for me after Fifi had her first visit to Scotland. 


We were invited to daughter No2's for dinner tonight. A very lovely meal and a pleasant evenings conversation was had. 

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  1. your photos have reminded me that we need to measure the boys too now we have moved and can put the measuring poster up again.
    and i am also puzzled as to how a previously 'lost' letter can suddenly be unlost! crazy x

  2. What a lovely prize and fab idea to take photos of their heights :-)

  3. They have really grown haven't they? I think you're right to do a weekly round up - daily is too much work/pressure.

  4. I hope the letter has been off on an adventure not stuck down the back of a sorting office cupboard!

  5. fantastic pictures, looks like a busy week, i love the 'hug' my daughter bought me one too for mothers day last year :-)

  6. They shoot up so fast, my oldest is now taller than me with no. 2 catching up! I love the hug :)

  7. We measure our girls on their birthdays and draw it in the wall in oldest's bedroom. I spotted disco beads on someone's wrist in the last pic - love disco beads!

  8. That is funny as my kids all get measured at their grandparents too! Grandpa has a measuring stick with their names one heights over the years written on. Great prize!

  9. I can't believe that post took so long to get to you. I would love to know wheres its been. Maybe it went on holiday for a few weeks on the way to you lol

  10. Lovely prize.. I enter any to get grandson a trunki!

  11. They grow so fast don't they? I refuse to measure mine now he's taller than me


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