Tuesday 11 March 2014

An afternoon on the beach with Bob

Bob's photo of the beach sign
Today has been a beautiful day, the first we have had this year. Just thee days ago we had sleety snow and hailstones with strong strong winds. The sun shone, and had the cheek to show up my dust and my dirty windows. So after doing a pile of housework we decided to make the most of the weather and take Bob down to the beach as we needed to go and pick something up anyway.

Bob asked could we go to the play park first before we went onto the beach. So we parked at The Magnum car park, but sadly since we were last at the play park it has been taken away. But there was plenty of other things to do and see so ff we went.

First of all we went round the boating pond, and there were people using the pond with their model boats.

nice blue sky

remote control boats on the pond

walking round the pond

As we went round the pond Bob found some fitness equipment. A lot of the parks in this area seem to have it, though I never actually see anybody using it. 

reading the sign

hanging from the bars

Granddad having a go

can he get up? 

hanging around

Further round the pond Bob spotted a hill that he decided he was going to run up. But as he approached the hill a dog was chasing a ball down. The dog stopped for a drink in the pond. Shorty dog use to run up and down the same hill and get a drink in the pond as well. 

the dog in the water

Bob (LHS), the dog, and the dogs owner (RHS)

yeeehhhhh Bob beat the dog to the top

We carried on walking further round, up to the brick dragon. 

at the brick dragon

on top of the dragon

taking photographs of the scenery

Bob took some photographs from on top of the dragon, he also took some video footage, but it would make you dizzy to watch. Will need to show him how to scan slowly for scenery. 

us admiring the scenery as taken by Bob

just look at the clouds (taken by Bob) 

He tried to play rolling down the hill but has not quite leant the knack. He was trying to do it sitting up and went across the way instead of down. He did mange to get rather grubby on the wet grass. 

rolling across the hill, we took him home rather muddy

Next off we went down onto the beach itself. 

using a stick as a javelin

putting in a lot of effort

the sun reflecting off the water

boy and buoy

Bob reckoned this was a TARDIS. 

burying treasure

We had a very enjoyable afternoon, covered a fair distance, were out for the best part of three hours. Bob went home knackered. You know when he is tired as he holds you hand, and he was holding on as we crossed the field back by the pond to get back to the car.

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  1. Excellent, glad to see you got out in the weather :)

  2. you will remember the hills and the fun there too Heather. Usually had a McD's as well!!

  3. Lovely, I feel like I was out walking with you. Lovely photos and I love the little nuggets of thoughts you were having as you walked. It could very well have been a tardis you know! Kay :O)

  4. Eeeek a brick dragon! I want one of those for my garden. Looks like a fab day

  5. brilliant picture of Grandad having a go! reminds me of my own Grandad too!

  6. Love your pics! And wow Bob looks strong on those hanging bars! Fantastic dragon too!
    Popping over from #countrykids :-)

  7. I'm jealous that you went to the beach - I love the beach! Lovely photos and great scenery. popping over from Country Kids linky x

  8. It is sad that the play park has been taken away. The dragon is amazing!

  9. Well they might have taken the park away but as you say plenty to see and do for everyone. What a lovely bright day and a perfect afternoon of adventure. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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