Saturday, 29 March 2014

Project 365 week 13 - 23rd March - 29th March

Week 13, into April on Tuesday, have to say loving the lighter nights and the fact we can get out after tea with the children. If its just us we often have tea at seven or eight o'clock so we usually go for a walk before tea.


Daughter No 2 stayed over last Saturday night as she was going to a wedding fayre on the Sunday. So they went down to see the kids on Sunday morning, and left Jack behind. Here he is sitting looking sorry for himself when he was left. He was going to Stirling on Monday for an operation on a ligament.

Jack sat at the bottom of the stairs


OH and I went for a walk round Auchencruive Estate as it was a nice evening. Took various pictures but liked this blossom picture best. Nice to see the spring is finally springing.



Have fancied trying geocaching for a long time. Now I have a mobile that picks up a data signal when I'm out and about I decided to give it a try. There are not many caches near us but I decided to give it a try and go and see if I could find one. Well this was as close as I could get.
A local Facebook friend had seen this picture and said she also fancied trying it. We both agreed it would be fun to take the kids, but decided to get our own heads round it first. So we went out on Thursday and managed to find four of the six we looked for. Will try it once more this week together and then take the children out during the upcoming Easter holidays.

could not find the cache


Last week when Fifi was over we put some daffodils in coloured water . We chose red, blue and green. For some reason so far only the blue has picked up any colour. One of the red ones has a very very small spot of red on it, but not enough to photograph.  I also got a picture of a sunset while I had the twins out for a walk for  an hour to give daughter a break, but I didnt have a card in my camera and I cant find a lead to connect it to my computer, so cant pull it off to share it.

blue tinted daffodils


Fifi went back to school tonight to be an unpaid skivy  a helper for parents night, to show the  parents round and do what ever else was needed. So Bob and I took a walk round the fishery. I had emptied the memory card on his camera and we set off to take pictures. I half wish we hadn't it was freezing, but we went all the way round the pond regardless.

reflections at sunset


I did have another picture lined up for today, but I got a phone call off of Fifi about half seven. I could hear Minky crying, Fifi reassuring Bob that Mum was going to be all right and telling me that Mum was bleeding and feeling really dizzy could I come round. So with dripping wet hair as I was just out the shower,I threw joggies and a jacket on top of my pj's and went round. She was going to fill the coffee pot but had somehow managed to break it and give herself a deep cut on the back of her hand. The bleeding had about stopped so I applied steri strips to hold it together and she was fine. Fifi did a good job till I got there and was very calm about it all.

So while I was round I got this picture of Dinky, she is rarely without her dummy these days, yether brother wont take one.

Dinky with her dummy


This piece of bling came in the post yesterday. A 8gb storage dongle on a chain with a few dangly bits.

a pretty prize. 

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  1. Lovely pictures. really like the blue tinted daffodils!! x

  2. Love the idea of putting daffs in coloured water, might have to try that one #365

  3. The daffodils and colouring are interesting, should try that at school. The pond looks a nice place for a stroll. Hope everyone is ok now x

  4. Love the blossom and reflections pictures, stunning. Love the idea of daffodils in coloured water, going to try that this week!

  5. Awe, I hope the cut heals soon! I've not seen a dongle quite like that before! Good luck to Jack for his op! #365

    1. thank you, he came through the first leg ok, 4 weeks recovery with little moving around, and then gets the other one done.

  6. Awe poor Jack he looks really sad, hope his op goes well, your photos are great that sunset is wonderful

  7. Oh some great photos!!.. I love the Reflections by the Lake... it looks stunning, wow daffodils with a blue tinge, it looks fab!!! My Brother in Law does Geo-Caching, he goes all over the UK just to tick them off. Goodluck with the Hunt x

    1. next time I am on holiday will hunt some out as well. I think it could get addictive, Im itching to get back and try more

  8. loving the daffodils idea and i adore the pond picture!

  9. wow honey i would love to try geocaching too but not got round to it! i love the blue tinted daffs x

  10. I did the daffodils experiment with snowdrops last year. Great fun

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  12. give it a go, it was fun and it gets you out as well.

  13. The reflection picture is beautiful! I love seeing all of the blossom in bloom #project365

  14. Love the blue tinged daffodil, I'm going to have to try that. Hope Jack is recovering well x

  15. that reflection photo is so pretty Elaine - what a great capture
    we want to try geo caching and my OH is even more determined to try it because it can involve an app for his smart phone!! Dinky looks very content and so big x

  16. Love the blossom and what a beautiful sunset with the reflections.

  17. Sounds like you had a good week overall - geocatching sounds like lots of fun and I love that sunset. Dinky is looking very happy and I hope Jack is alright :)

  18. I like the bling..
    I've no idea what Geocaching is..I'll have to look it up and see if it's something to get involved in. :)
    It's great when children can remain calm and take control. Fifi must have been worried about her mum. Good job Nana came to the rescue :)

  19. The blossom shot is wonderful, but that sunset is magnificent. Lovely photo of Dinky, isn't she getting big now?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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