Friday 7 March 2014

Pancakes with Bob

I did not have the children over on Tuesday night to make pancakes with, but pancakes are one of their favourite items to have for tea, and so we decided we would have pancakes for tea today instead.

Bob making his pancakes
Fifi much prefers to have "proper" pancakes, the ones with eggs and dairy milk, so we make two batches, normal and normal for Bob.

Bobs pancakes recipe

10 oz rice milk

1 dessert spoon of ground flax seed ( as egg replacer)
6 oz gluten free flour ( I used dove farm SR)

1) Mix the milk and flax seed together. Leave for approx 30 mins for flax seed to thicken and become gungy.

2) Mix in the flour until you get the required consistency.

3) cook as per normal pancakes. We cooked some of ours in a metallic heart shape just cos we could.

You can add a spoonful of sugar to the mix if you want but Bob wanted his with bacon. I have to say imo bacon does not go with pancakes, pancakes to me are suppose to be sweet not savoury.

These make for a very very good acceptable alternative to normal pancakes

pancakes and bacon

fun as a gran


  1. Great that you are getting Bob involved!

  2. Lovely pancakes! I have a free from recipe on my blog as well, and it is slightly different as I cannot use flax seeds (allergy baby also allergic to all nuts and seeds). I love it when we involve the little ones in the kitchen! Mel


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