Saturday 1 March 2014

Project 365 week 9 - 23rd Feb - 1st March


Daughter No2 was down for the weekend, was nice to catch up, but we all lead busy lives and live nearly three hours apart. She has not changed much since she left home!!

shoes and tumblers left on living room floor overnight



Not really had the space to use this since we moved, the second tv and the wii  is in the kids room, but now we have moved the rooms round there is room to use it. So I decided it was time I made friends with it again. Daughter No1 laughed when she phoned and hubby said I was wiiing in the spare bedroom.

not bad for somebody of nearly 55


Went to Irvine to buy a new phone, mine has been playing up for a while, so took the plunge and went for one. Not been down to Irvine for long enough. We really splashed out and went to McD's for lunch and took it down the beach to eat it.
I remember the days when the children were younger and we use to take them the beach regularly, now we cant justify the petrol money just for the sake of a day out.
Went for a walk while we were there, thought we may as well.It was dry but very windy. Was laughing at one of the young seagulls trying to take off in the wind and it kept blowing backwards every time it took off.

a bouy blown up on the beach


We had somebody at the door awhile ago wanting to look at the trees near the phone lines. They obviously were not happy with some of the trees we touching them and were likely to damage them. They came back to trim the ones in next doors garden. Had to laugh he put on his harness and things, and then attached himself to a branch lower than his body.

cutting down the trees next door. 


Went back to Irvine to change my new phone. This time we parked round by the council offices. When we got back in the car I saw the building reflected in my driving glasses, and could not resist taking a photograph of them.
I wish I had taken my camera with me when we walked through the arcade to go to the phone shop as they have eventually finished the upgrading work they have been working on for about three years now. Was looking lovely with the steps up to the church. There are a lot of the paving slabs with dates and historical information on them as well as a tall glass obelisk that has slabs round it with writing on, but the writing is designed to be read in the mirrors. One day when it is not raining I will go back with the camera, then we can remember it as it is.

my glasses with the council building reflecting


I bought the children a game of connect four last week, here is Fifi stacking the pieces up. We had another evening of games as it has been too cold and wet to go far. Bob picked yatzee, and this is great for helping with his times tables.

Fifi stacks the counters


I had said to Daughter No1 the other week when she had come round with the twins I needed to get some rattles and things for them to play with. I gave away my high chair and travel cot and toys when we left the farm and moved to a much much smaller house. Coincidentally when I was dropping Bob off at toddlers on Friday one of the mums had a box of toys for the twins. So I threw them in the boot of the car and brought them home. Will be great for when they are over in future.  At some point I will need a travel cot back for when they stay over.

some of the rattles and toys

ssssssshhhhh (dont tell TBAM ) day 

Well you have always wanted eight days in a week, so I have invented an eighth day. Well it would not be right if I had a 365 without the twins now would it? So  this was the only way I could fit it in, and a collage to boot!!!  

Minky (left) and Dinky when we were in on Tuesday. 

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  1. I love the reflection in the glasses!

  2. That glasses pic is awesome! The twins are gorgeous! They look so cute!

  3. don't tell me they don't change when they move out and come back home again lol

  4. Fab Pictures hunnie!!!! and wow you don't often get to see a buoy just casually laid on a beach, to be honest I don't think ive ever seen underneath of one of those... The reflection of the council office in the glasses looks soooo artistic! Love it :) #PoCoLo

  5. That buoy is amazing and it looks huge! I know the feeling about not using the car as much to save petrol - we used to go out to places all the time and some we haven't been to for years now.

    1. It was over 6 ft tall as it lays on the sand and over 7ft long.

  6. how big do the twins look??? i think its a great idea to create an 8th day to show them off :)
    Burton was given Connect 4 for xmas i might get it out tomorow and play it with him now xx

  7. lol i love the fact your were " wii ing in the spare room" this made me laugh! .. we need to get one yet xxx

  8. I love the picture of the buoy and the reflection in the sunglasses is amazing!

  9. Awww loving the pictures of the twins, they're just gorgeous :) Had to smile about the seagull, wished I'd seen it!

  10. I am laughing at the wiiing in the spareroom, lol, your photos are great as always, but the reflection in the glasses is my fav this week

  11. I like the glasses shot. We too have a spare room that we use for the wii in fact sometimes it's called the wii room.

  12. I love the buoy on the beach shot and well done on the wii age! Sounds like you've had a busy week :)

  13. Thats a fab wii fit score, much better than mine lol always lovely to see pictures of minky and dinky, little cuties #Project365

  14. I can't believe that big buoy got blown onto shore! The twins have the musical vtech cow and they still love it! #project365

  15. Lovely selection of pictures - that's a very impressive Wii fit age, I dread to see what mine is! The glasses picture is brilliant, and I love the way you snuck the twins in as well :)

  16. Excellent WiiFit age!!! Mine would read 142!!!
    What a twit up the tree!! Hubby saw a chap up a ladder last week and he had tied himself to the guttering!!

  17. Absolutely love the glasses picture! and the twins are going to love all those toys!!


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