Saturday 15 March 2014

Project 365 9th - 15th March 2014

Wow we have had a few days of really nice weather this week. It has been nice to have some sunny wind free days to get out and enjoy stretchering the legs and blowing the cobwebs away. Friday was back to being cold and windy - so it did not last long.


Saw a shout out for this product, and as I have a downstairs bathroom I thought I would give it a try. Review will follow.

Poo pourri for review


Was a beautiful day, the sun shone, the sky was blue, and there was next to no wind at all. These are growing down the bottom end of the garden where the fence has blown down.

Spring daffodils 


Was another gorgeous day, with the sun shining again. After I had cleaned the windows and dusted as the sun showed up every flaw we picked up Bob and headed to the beach. If you want to see more of our fun I wrote a post here.

hanging around at the beach


The twins are starting to get a lot more interactive When Bob and Fifi are around they follow every movement that they make and are taking in their surroundings. Daughter has moved them from the pram into a cot in the living room. They have room to move and to have toys in with them. Here is Dinky, she is looking cute. They have their four month checks due on Monday morning.
When I was in earlier in the week she had them sat in their bouncy chairs facing each other with the bottom of the chairs touching. When one kicked both chairs moved, it seemed to be keeping them happy.

I took her blanket off her to take the pic


I took the twins out for a walk today, the first time I have had them out since they were born. I have marked the moment and written a blog post on it here.  Was a rather overcast afternoon but dry at least.

the wrong, but fun way, up the slide


I had entered a linky on Foodies 100 and was one of the random winners for my blog post. The prize was £100 voucher for a supermarket of my choice. I chose Tesco, they do deliveries so I can fill up my Old Mother Hubbard cupboards with tins and jars and bottles and get them brought to my door. A useful prize.

£100 gift card


No overtime available at work today. Hubby was watching the rugby downstairs this afternoon, so I went and put Netflix on in the children's room and sat and watched a film.

watching Netflix

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Love the hanging around at the beach pic, and what a great prize to win! #project365

  2. Well done on your win honey!! i have to say i am looking forward to your review!!

    love the hanging around shot xx

    Have a good week honey x

  3. Well done on that Tesco gift card win! Those Daffs look fab! Aww, twins make me very broody for some! ;) x

  4. Its lovely to have some good weather. Well done on your win! I love the name of the air freshener poo pourri, it did make me chuckle :-)

  5. Well done on your win...
    Ummmmm I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that review or if it's too scary

  6. Great that you got some great things with you win! Congrats :) nice to see the weather getting better and the twins getting out, love that Bob is heading up the slide

  7. Well done on your win - very nice. I had to laugh about that product - will be fun to read the review.

  8. wow! that £100 gift card is VERY useful and a great win well done.
    Bob looks like he is enjoying swinging around and it must have been lovely to take the twins out by yourself :) x

  9. Love the daffodils and Bob swinging in the sunshine, a great week by the looks of it!

  10. Well done on winning great prize. Sounds like you had a good week, lovely photos :) x

  11. Lovely pictures. The poo pourri made me chuckle. The daffs are gorgeous, my faves.
    Love the Bob hanging around in the park pic too and Dinky is so sweet x

  12. never watch tv without my laptop cos if I do a) the subtitles oh has on all the time annoy me and b) I my laptop is my calorie saver.

  13. Sounds like you had a really busy week. The twins are growing so fast aren't they, must be great seeing them often. Must have been nice to have some outdoor fun too. Well done on your win, that's great news :)

  14. Poo pourri that is a great name isn't it?? I could do with some of that, living with four males!! Gorgeous daffs and the beach shot is lovely, I so wished we lived nearer to a beach

  15. The Boy doesn't have the strength for monkey bars, despite having some on the climbing frame that we bought him last year. Well done to Bob for managing them.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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