Tuesday 18 March 2014

Proud Grandparent update - Babies in February

So here we have them, the picture that were taken in February, some by me, some by mummy and daddy and some by Bob, he is on baby photo duty with his camera he got for Christmas

Dinky (the girl) has a bald patch on the back of her head now, but the rest of her dark hair is still there.

 3rd February

snuggles together, Dinky on the left

3rd Feb


Minky fell asleep. 


Dinky with Granny Nan

Dinky with Granddad Tom

Minky with Granny Nan

Minky looking very serious

Minky asleep in his swing

lying on the new bed

in their snowsuits

Bob and Minky, all boys together

Dinky wrapped in Fifi's dressing gown

aahhhhh shhhh....


he is getting much bigger than her


sitting on the couch

Minky watching what is going on

Minky in his chair



in her cute babygro

Dinky on the LHS

big sister cuddles

Minky on his own

in his swing

on his playmat

love her strippy tights

too big from the pram, now into their cot

all four of them together

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