Saturday, 20 September 2014

Project 365 week 38 14th - 20th September


Was off work last weekend and so we decided to go and join in with a geocaching event. The idea was to walk the Clyde causeway in Glasgow, across to an island in the middle of the water, walk to some of the towers and back again before the tide came in. We had been advised it may be a bit muddy for the start of the actual Clyde part of it and that you may want to wear wellies though they were sure hiking boots should be ok, We decided to take wellies.

So we all met at the car park, wandered through the woods, across the path in the middle of the golf course, down to the side of the river. Here there were a "few small divets" some of them big enough to put a child in. So we got down to the water edge and started walking across the sand. Muddy was an understatement!! But we  were told it was only for the first part of the walk so I carried on.

At about a hundred feet into the walk my wellies started to get bogged down. You know what it is like, you stand on one to pull the other out and this makes your second foot sink deeper. So you get the second foot out and the first foot sinks again (you get the picture?). By this time it was taking longer and longer to get unstuck. I was getting no where fast. So I decided I was turning back, a couple of the others in front had decided it was not getting any less boggy and we probably still had ten normal minutes of walking to get to the middle so some others also turned back.

At this point I could get neither wellie out, so I abandoned the wellies and stood in the mud with my socks and went to get my wellies. One came out the other would not budge. Have to say at this point despite the fact this was the first time I had worn them I toyed with the idea of abandoning them, but I needed them to walk the twenty five mins back along stoney roads and through woods,

So at this point OH came to get my welly out, well he pulled and pulled and pulled ( think enormous turnip book) until finally the welly came out.......and OH landed on his bum in the mud,  his trousers were covered, his jumper was covered, his hands were covered.

So we walked back to shore,me carrying my wellies, to try and clean up best we could. I helped pull another lassie out as we headed back. That put an end to the day as we could not go anywhere looking like we did.

Turns out the "guide" who was suppose to be guiding us says we were at the wrong bit to cross and the easier bit was further down.

my wellies and my muddy soggy socks


Bob is getting use to the chickens, and happily picks them up. They on the other hand are not getting use to Bob and struggle to get away

Bob and Gerty


A beautiful afternoon and so Bob and I took Minky and Dinky to the park. Quite difficult to try and get two of them smiling at the same time. You can see his teeth in this pic, he has five through with more on the way, she does not have a single one.

They wave bye bye now if you wave and say bye bye, I think it is cute.

Had to try not to laugh at Minky. He stands confidently next top any piece of furniture and went to touch the remote control that I had put on the coffee table. I do not and will not move anything out of the way of any child.  He gets told "ah ah" so he knows not to touch. The other day he turned round with a great big grin on his face and said "ah ah" back to me. To him it is just a noise that he was copying. Wee monkey.

Dinky and Minky.


Hunted these out  ready to play my part in the history of my country tomorrow.

a piece of history that is now in the loft


Fifi was not going to come out with us, she was going to go and play with her friends. But mum has grounded her cos her room in not done. So she had the choice to tidy her room or come stay with us, she chose the latter.

We decided to go blackberry and apple picking. There were hundreds off them up the estate. They are going to come back tomorrow night and do some baking.

We had voted in the morning.

Fifi up a tree collecting blackberries 


Woke and 4am and went down for a pee ( yes we have a downstairs bathroom) flicked on the tv to see how the results were going. At that point it was 49% yes, 51% no, so I went back to bed but could not sleep so got back up again to watch it unfold on the television.

A lot of interesting conversations going on in the studios in between the results being declared. But come the final vote as you all now know it didn't happen. Have to say I voted yes. For all I am saddened it did not happen I have to say it truly was what the people of Scotland wanted, with just under 90% of eligible voters voting,which is a huge turnout.

Only time will tell if the current government keep any of their promises they made if No actually won. In my opinion anything they do for Scotland they do for each of the countries in the UK, after all we are all still one.

despite the result the sun still rose over the Scottish flag. 


The girls just love to get out of their coop and run free round the garden, Here they are enjoying a dust bath. The ground here is very dry, we have even had the sprinklers out watering the lawn as it starting to suffer.

a dust bath

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  1. It really has been an historical week!
    Love the soggy wellies, all good fun, and the chickens look like they are settling in really well. #365

  2. Sorry to hear that Sunday was a bit of a bog fest! What a nightmare. I think it's wonderful that that many people voted, as you say, it really is Scotland talking #365

  3. Wow I would have panicked if my wellies got stuck like that!! Kids love animals but the animals rarely seem to love the kids!
    Love the swing pic, so sweet! Sorry the vote didnt go the way you wanted! Must admit haven't really been following it

  4. An historical week indeed! Whoops to the wellies.....yuk! Bless Bob and the chickens. I'm not sure I'd pick one up myself even! #365

  5. ooo I would have been panicking if I got stuck, sinking feeling aaa. sorry the vote didn't go the way you'd hope but it was nice seeing people actually coming together for a change x

  6. I bet it was nerve wrecking waiting for the result living in Scotland. I have to say I am pleased that the No vote won and we are remaining together. Pleased you managed to get your wellies back :-) love the picture of the twins x

  7. oh dear Elaine i did smile at your welly story - all that mud and boggyness!! I have had that happen to me and to my brother when we were kids infact my brother actually did have to loose a welly - Mum was not impressed when we got home! x

  8. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed getting stuck in the mud.

  9. Quite a week! Love the pictures of Bob with the chickens and the geocaching event sounds like an experience even if it was incredibly muddy. I'm sorry about how you felt about the result, but I was so relieved. I think our whole family was - mum (her father was from Glasgow) even went to church to pray for a no vote and light candles (not that I think that made any difference, but it made her feel better).

  10. Its Fifi. You never told me about Sunday. Discrasfull I could of laughed at you. Well monday sounded fun with my bro and Gertrude. Tuesday is adorable even though I see them everyday. Wednesday sounded like a good historical day. Thursday was fun. Friday was yummy and a shocking result. Saturday was cool w the dust bath for the chicks. Sounds like your dishap were the wellie insident mine was getting my hand cut on thorns

  11. Wow, that was a lot of mud! I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the result, being 5hrs behind you I was able to watch it all unfold at a slightly less horrible hour of the morning; and I was so hopeful at the start. But, now we just need to focus on how amazingly engaged everyone was, the turnout was inspirational, lets hope we can build on that x

  12. oh wow Elaine i am so sorry i was giggling at your wellie misfortune! .. i could just envisage you both covered in mud! x

  13. I laughed at your muddy story, I bet it looked like something out of a comedy!!
    Let's hope the referendum result does benefit us all.


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