Tuesday 5 December 2017

Helping to do our bit for those less well off.

I have been reading over on a fellow bloggers blog about the good she is doing this year for  . You can read about Jaime's good work here. Now in previous years I have done my bit with the help of friends and colleagues. In 2011 we filled and sent shoe boxes,  in 2013 I worked with M&S to make a difference to make a luxury box for one local resident  who other wise may have got nothing, and in 2014 we  donated nearly £200 worth of food to the local food bank. I see we as I could not have done it alone, but it proves that collectively we can do our bit and make a difference. I have also used my talents this year to raise money for WestFM's #cashforkids appeal. 

This year hubby and I are going to help out on Christmas Day with a local voluntary organisation by helping out at a Christmas Dinner for elderly isolated people in our area.  I am going to be sat at a table with another volunteer and six people and it is our job to make sure they have everything they need. To help them enjoy their day and have a wee sing song and a dance with them. Hubby struggles with his hearing in a noisy hall with a lot of people talking at once so he is going to be doing dishes in the kitchen.

This year as in previous years I am not in a financial position  to make much of a difference on my own, but if I can get friends and colleagues to pitch in in which ever way they may wish to I am sure we can make a collective difference again this year.

 I was going to collect for Womens Aid but having spoken to them they do not have storage space to store items and only accept new items at this time of year. So as my appeal to family and friends is not about new then I decided to run with a local charity called Yipworld who are based in Cumnock and are happy to have good quality second hand items handed in for their service users.

So I am going to kick off my appeal with a hot wheels set that was sent to us for review a few years back, the review was done and it was re-boxed and we rediscovered in the loft the other day.

I am going to go up to the grandchildren's toys and sort out what is too young for them now.

I mentioned to my neighbour what I was planning on doing and she kindly passed me in a bag full of items, some of which are new and still sealed. The rest in more than good enough condition to pass on.

donation from the neighbour

So what I am asking from any local family, friends or colleagues is if you are having a clear out of your children's toy cupboard or their clothes cupboard please give me a shout I will collect the items here and pass them on about the 15th of the month.

Have you won a raffle prize lately that is not quite your thing? I won these a while ago so will be adding them in.  I am sure somebody will appreciate it.  Now while I am asking for used items feel free and donate new items if you wish. A toy your child never used, a jumper they never wore, a woolly hat that did not suit them.

If you do have money to spare how about a tin of chocolates or biscuits to give a family a treat.A bag of sweets that can added to a parcel or some other nice treat that you think will be appreciated.

You will find me on Facebook,  or tweet me for further information or to offer a donation.

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  1. Elaine I can't tell you how wonderful you ... you are to blooming kind hearted and I so wish you lived near me as Women's Aid would have loved your fantastic items!

    I am so pleased you are still donating to a worthy cause though .. its generous kind hearted people that make such a difference to others xx


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