Sunday 17 December 2017

Out of the frying pan.....

Things have a habit of coming along unexpectedly and kicking you just when you don't expect them to. Not always easy just to get back up and dust yourself down, but it doesn't always equate that out of the frying pan needs to be into the fire as per the old saying. 

Take a friend of mine,. We have a wee private joke between us where by she calls me mummy and I call her daughter. She reminds me of me very much when I was that age, and she has no immediate family. A few months back I got a call from DD4, she was howling and sobbing and totally incomprehensible on the phone. So despite it being nearly 10pm and the next day being a work day and I am up at 6am for work day I jumped in the car to go and see what was wrong. To cut a  long story short it turns out her husband, after being together for ten years, had out of the blue assaulted her. He had hit and run so to speak, we got the police involved and got him charged and then got her out of the marital home.

This involved her going into temporary accommodation and as she has two children she has now been given a permanent home but this so close to Christmas has caused her some issues money wise. I am fortunate I do holiday relief in a complex that houses elderly people and I managed to round her up some cups, plates and cutlery some towels, kitchen accessories and a hoover. Because she involved Woman's aid she got the bigger items provided to her but it left her with smaller bits and pieces to buy and she knew if she bought them she might not have enough to pay the rest of her bills until pay day. 

She decided the best way forward for her was a Pay Day loan.  I'm sure most of us have heard about them after all there are many companies offering such services. Now I am quite sure that a lot of people have heard the horror stories bandied about in the media and to an extent some of them may be true so for the sake of this blog I will go on DD4's experience of applying for and receiving pay day loans.

She decided to go for a pay day loan as her credit rating was not all that good so applying for a loan from the bank was out of the question and besides that she only wanted a short term loan till the end of the month so a pay day loan sounded an ideal solution.

I asked her how easy she found the process of searching for a payday loan She said it was not too difficult though the number of providers out there was time consuming filling in applications and she thought there had to be a easier way to do it. Well the answer to that is there is a better and quicker way she could have applied - loans with bad credit . This would have saved her  time and effort as she could have applied direct and had her application sent to a number of  reputable licensed and regulated short-term loan providers and if successful would usually have the loan in 24 hours This would be the route she will take should another instance arrive whereby she would need a short term loan in a hurry.

She is settling in well, is hoping to get her carpets down this weekend, and is looking forward to Christmas with just her and the boys settled in their new home. 

This is a collaborative post 

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