Tuesday 19 December 2017

New Year Space-Saving Tips

After all the extravagance and indulgence of Christmas, the New Year is a time for getting back into the swing of things and starting afresh. It’s a time for New Year’s resolutions and making changes, committing to a better life and a brighter future – not just for the year ahead, but hopefully for many more years to come.

Of course, many of us will have acquired a selection of brand new gifts and presents over Christmas. From endless toys to chocolates, wine and items for the home, the chances are that your home is going to be a lot more cramped come January – even after the Christmas decorations have been taken down for another year!

To that end, a popular New Year’s resolution is to try and declutter the home and enter the New Year feeling relaxed and happy in your home environment. Similarly, spring cleaning is an annual tradition for many, but how often do you actually try and declutter your home during this process?

If you are looking to expand the free space in your home and get rid of unnecessary clutter this January, here are some top tips to help you get started.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is traditionally known as the heart of the home, but if your kitchen is still suffering from the after-effects of the festive period, it may well be time to look into maximising the space you have available. One simple job is to have a look through your cupboards and throw out any old or out-of-date food – we’ve all got those ancient tins and packets in the back of the cupboards! Similarly, it might be worth getting rid of any damaged or unused crockery, pots, pans and utensils in order to free up some storage space ready for the New Year. Still got plenty of wine after the festivities? Whether you’re keeping it for a special occasion or just looking to free up some additional storage space, a wine rack can be a great way to display your bottles in style. For more information about investing in a wine rack for your home, visit cranville-wine-racks.co.uk

In the Bedroom

The biggest hoarding area of the bedroom is almost guaranteed to be your wardrobe. Even if you aren’t a big fashionista, the chances are that your closet is littered with old, frayed or worn clothes, items you’ve been given but never worn and pieces you’ve worn once and never picked up again. If you find yourself having to rummage through all the clutter just to find a decent outfit to wear, it’s high time to go through your wardrobe and sort out what’s good from what’s just plain bad.

For the Kids

Toys everywhere you look? If this sounds familiar, it might just be time to try and cut down on the number of toys your little ones have. While this may sound harsh, the chances are that there will many toys that are old, damaged or simply just don’t get played with. Old baby toys or unwanted gifts are a great place to start – but don’t forget to double check with the kids first to avoid any tantrums! On the flip side, toy boxes and bedroom storage boxes are a great way to keep all their toys together and tidied away in one place rather than being strewn all across the house.

Do Some Good

Of course, once you have decluttered your home, you are bound to be left with a big pile of unwanted items and no clue what to do with them. Any rubbish or worn-out, broken or damaged items will probably go straight into the bin, but when it comes to things which are still in fairly decent condition, why not do your bit for a good cause and donate them to charity? Many charities will be looking for fresh donations in the New Year, so if you have any old toys, clothes or furniture, for example, it may be worth contacting some local charities or organisations in your area to find out if they would be willing to take your items.

At the end of the day, your home is your personal space – the perfect place to kick back, relax and unwind. Although a messy home is often the sign of a well-used home, there’s no need to feel cramped or hemmed in when you are at home this New Year. Stick on your favourite tunes, enlist the help of family or friends, and start making some headway on the clutter this January!

This is a collaborative post. 

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