Sunday 31 December 2017

Project 365 week 52

Well I have done it. finished my sixth year of this Project. Some of it has been a struggle, have got disheartened with it more than once, but managed it regardless.
Beginning to feel a lot more positive, managed to do 20 minutes of ironing on Thursday and hoovered right handed the last few days and no pain in the arm. Have halved all my pain killers  hoping to come off of them totally in the next two weeks and get back to work. Fingers crossed.


DD3 bought this sign many a year ago for hubby, it use to be in his radio room at the farm, and lately it has been in the loft, but it is now in his shed.

hubby's sign


We popped down to see the children in the morning. The twins had got kindles and Bob had a new game so they were all  to engrossed in what they were doing to be interested in us. Spud played catch with granddad for a while but then we went home to get changed to go back out.
We then headed off for our alternative Christmas Day, you can read about it here if you wish to.

hubby ( in red)  and another volunteer washing the dishes


SIL was staying locally with her and hubby's Aunt for Christmas so we were invited down to join them for a meal. Was a nice family catch up with masses of fab food and great laughs.
This is hubby's cousin and her daughter.

L trying to cut the robin cake and her hat kept falling down 


The day we do what we call second Christmas. When all the grandchildren come and get the presents from our side of the family. It is a great fun day with lots of noise, mess and excitement. A post will be written about it soonish.

This is the only picture I have of the six of them together, all sat still and looking at the camera.

all six together 


DD2 stayed overnight yesterday. We had a nice day with a walk along the beach front, cold day but sunny.

DD2, Ziggy and Jack the dog seeing the quacks. 


Not a lot happening really. Thought I would share the picture of the cake SIL made us. Her hubby decorated it. I love how the decorations look like a face, well they do to me anyway.

Cake from SIL. 


I spent money I was given for Christmas on myself, refuse to put it through the house. Bought myself a tablet as lifting my laptop is causing pain in my arm and not helping the recovery time. I have tried various options such as putting it on the table but the height is wrong and causes pain in my shoulder. I bought two different tablet cases but neither of them were suitable but I found a plain black one in a sale the other day so bought it and then added some of my glitter tape I won a while ago to brighten it up and make it more visible.

tablet in the case I made more visible 


Went into Irvine to look for another dinner set, just a cheap one as I keep dropping the plates we have on the floor and funnily enough they tend to break. Looked round various shops, and when we went in Tesco there was a
pipe and drum band playing. There was a young boy, approx 18 months old thoroughly enjoying dancing to the music.

a pipe band. 


  1. Great you got to spend time with so much of the family. Hope the tablet works better for your arm. Happy 2018

  2. Glad to hear your arm is improving and you should be back at work soon. I'm impressed that you managed to get a photo of six kids all looking at the camera! I didn't manage to get a photo of my three and their two little cousins over Christmas as the cousins are always running off! Well done on spending your Christmas money on yourself! We're going to put ours towards a radiator!
    Happy new year!

  3. Looks like you've had a lovely family Christmas, lots of fun, and I love your alternative Christmas Day. Glad to hear that your arm is getting better too. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2018!

  4. sorry to hear you're still having problems with your shoulder. Lovely photo of the grandchildren together. Happy New Year to you all

  5. I'm glad your arm is feeling better...
    It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Good on you for volunteering on Christmas day. Wishing you all the best for 2018 x

  6. Im pleased to hear your arm is improving and you should be able to go back at work soon. the photo of all the grandkids is impressive! Well done on spending your Christmas money on yourself.
    Happy new year lovely x

  7. Haha love that sign!

    Looks like a fun Christmas was had by all! And well done on treating yourself rather than put the money on something else.

    Happy New Year!


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