Sunday 10 December 2017

Project 365 week 49

Well not long to go now. Starting to do some Christmas stuff and make plans. No notion for it but it is happening regardless.


Slowly slowly plodding away at the sewing machine. This is for one of my colleagues for her dog as she liked the one I did for charity. Still taking silly amounts of time to make but I have not got much else to do to be honest.

a dog cover 


Had spotted some gluten free puff pastry on a allergy Facebook page I follow and so as it is also dairy.egg/soya free I decided to try some. DD3 managed to find some in Glasgow when she was shopping, So I got some of Bob's sausages off of DD1 and decided to make Bob some sausage rolls and jam tarts, a trial run for Christmas food. I also made some into cheese straws , I did this by putting grated cheese in the middle and folding it over and re rolling as well. They were not very photogenic
The pastry comes ready rolled but rerolls well enough if you have cut out shapes, It did not puff up as much as normal puff pastry does but it tasted great, even hubby ate it knowing what it was. Will find some more before Christmas so he can have mince pies and sausage rolls.

Add captionjam tarts, sausage rolls
jam tarts and sausage rolls 


Hubby and I went into the town and signed up for helping out with a voluntary organisation on Christmas Day at a Christmas Dinner for elderly isolated folk who other wise would spend the day alone. They get a four course meal, as much tea and coffee as they want and a drink or two. . I have volunteered to sit at a table and make sure the people on my table have everything they need. No lifting and carrying so if my shoulder is still sore I do not need to worry. It is only a few weeks away so I had to consider this before I signed up. Hubby volunteered to stay in the kitchen and wash the dishes. Quite looking forward to doing something different.

I have been following Jaime's reverse advent calendar and decided that I could do something a well. You can read my post here. But basically I asked family and friends, and would have asked colleagues had I been at work, for any good quality toys and clothes they no longer want that I can pass on. Please feel free and contact me if you have anything.

toys from one of my neighbours


I was contacted by Damart to see if I wanted to do a review for them. So I chose this Sherpa button through jacket. .  I like the length of it, being that bit taller I often struggle to find ladies jackets that cover my bottom. It is very comfortable when it is on, nice and lightweight but still very warm. It was -2 when we went for a walk and cannot say as I felt cold. We have had some nice freezing weather this week to test it out in. The seams are well finished and overall a very nice jacket for the money. I ordered one size larger than I would normally wear to allow for a jumper to be worn underneath it but it is I feel slightly small made so I am glad I went for the size I did. It comes in a choice of six colours and a full range of sizes from a 10/12/ right up to a 26/28. Here it is with a jumper underneath, collar up and collar down

collar up and down, and is a good length 


My second physio visit. More movement than I had two weeks ago so that is good. Still getting pins and needles in my hand on and off as the nerve is still trapped. She did some pressing and pushing on the top of my spine and round my shoulders. Has given me some more exercises to keep strengthening both my shoulders. My job is not helping my condition so maybe need to start thinking about changing jobs to something a lot less physical in the next few years. I guess I need to start listening to the lady in the bathroom mirror that I am not 29 any more.

We had our first proper snow of the winter. Still not thawed off by Saturday.

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


As part of Bob and Fifi's Christmas we go to the pantomime every year. We usually go for a meal first but the place we use to go is no longer safe for Connor. So we just took snacks with us instead. We went to see Dick Whittington at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock. The panto was fab very interactive, a lot of audience participation, and made for a great night out. I would highly recommend it.

a great evening out


Sat this afternoon and put new batteries in the toys to go to the charity and then got the children's presents wrapped up. Stuck them under the bed in the spare bedroom out of the way.
A friend of mine was lovely enough to send me across some crochet squares and triangles she had made and was not sure what to do with. So I think I will make them into a couple of doll blankets and add them to my charity pile.

some crocheting for charity


  1. The gluten free puff pastry is a great find. I didn't know Jus Rol did it.
    That is great that you are volunteering your time on Christmas day.
    The jacket looks great for this time of year. I think I would be wearing the collar up a lot. It's been freezing! x

  2. sorry to hear you're still having problems with your shoulder, the reverse advent is a lovely idea and if was closer i'd send you some stuff. well done on volunteering on xmas day. i used to cook an extra meal every sunday and deliver to an elderly neighbour for when meals on wheels didn't operate and it extended to easter and xmas also

  3. What a lovely idea to volunteer on Christmas day. Sorry to hear the shoulder is giving you so much trouble. I hope the physio helps.

  4. We just found the Jus Rol GF pastry for my husband and it's been fabulous. So much better for steak pie which he always missed out on. That is lovely you are volunteering your time lovley. That is a great jacket. It's been so cold xx

  5. Loving that Dog Cover! And I think it's fab that you are volunteering on Christmas day. If I was local I would have been able to donate lots for the reverse advent thing! The panto sounds like it was fun

  6. Glad the pastry was a success! Those crochet triangles are lovely, so colourful. Wonderful that you're volunteering on Christmas Day xx


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