Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Gallery - a happy memory

Fifi at 1 week
Well I suppose like any grandparent happy times are with my grandchildren, So here we have said granddaughter (now called Fifi on here) at 1 week old. She was born at 29+6 weighing 3lb 3oz after things went wrong and daughter was rushed into hospital at 6pm, and by 6.20pm we had had a granddaughter delivered by emergency section or we lost the two of them.

Here she is at nearly 7 weeks old, after daughter got her home we wet and stayed for a week to
Fifi on her first visit to Scotland
her, came home to get a phone call within less than 5 hrs from a distraught howling daughter who didnt know where to start or how to cope. She was exhausted after all she had been through but now baby was home and safe the reality hot her. So daddy was promptly dispatched to bring daughter and granddaughter to stay with us (in a small pokey overcrowded house) to help her get use to being a mum and let her adjust.

Its happy memories because Fifi will be 9 in a few short weeks, has no adverse effects of being born so early, and its great how our family, like many others, can rally when need be.

The first time we bathed her was so so funny, daughter did not feel comfortable bathing a not quite 5lb baby, so I did it, and nearly lost her in the bubbles!! Happy memories indeed


  1. it's lovely when families pull together - a new baby can be so overwhelming, a small baby with a complicated arrival even more so - I imagine.
    and now she's 9 - wow does it seem like yesterday?

  2. Lovely story. Glad it all worked out in the end!


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