Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bobs Halloween Costume

Bit big on Bob - he needs to grow
Here is Bob, dressed up in his Halloween costume I won from Mummy Vs Work blog courtesy of Fancy dress outfitters who do a vast range of both child and adult costumes in a vast range of themes.

I got to pick a boys or girls outfit and the size, so picked Bob this one in a size 4-6 ( he is a very small 51/2 yr old).

Cant fault their delivery time, I emailed Paula my details one day, which she passed on to company, and this turned up the very next day, I was impressed. (considering this morning I got vouchers through for a comp that closed on May 7th that I was told I had won in August!!)

bones on arm underneath rather than front or top

My feeling about the costume I'm afraid aren't good.  The bones on the arms are more underneath than visible down the arm, as if the sleeve has been attached at a 90 degree angle to where it should of been.

one happy little boy

the hands and shoe covers
The hand and shoe covers were well thought out, they had elasticated loops to attach them to the main costume, making them less likely to be lost or left somewhere.

the badly finished edges

Wasnt overly pleased with the finishing off of the bones, felt they could have been better trimmed round the edges. This costume was worth £15, by the standard of quality it was made to I would have expected to pick it up locally for a £5 in Asda, but Bob loves it and thats all that matters.


  1. I actually think that's worse quality than an Asda outfit. How disappointing!

  2. yes Yvonne it was disappointing, and had I paid for it I might have complained, but I didn't so cant really.


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