Friday, 28 October 2011

Moshi Monsters clay buddies

the booklet cover

When I got through some moshi monsters clay buddies, Fifi was over the moon as she, like most kids her age, is moshi monsters daft.

What are moshi monsters? For those of you not aware of them wiki have a description .

She spends time on the interactive website and is getting a subscription to it for her birthday.

the instruction page
We got through 2 packets for Fifi to try out, each foil packet contains
2  Moshi Monster feature cards
3  pieces of coloured modelling clay
1  book that includes profile information on the character, instructions on how to make the Moshi Monster, which informs you of the difficulty level
a check list of the 48 characters available and
an adoption certificate

the feature cards
3 rolls of clay

Unfortunately for us both packets we got sent had the same monster in, Furi, who likes to eat eggplant and roarberry cheesecake.

He is No2 out of 48, and it was a difficulty level 3 - hard. Fifi needed help to work out how to make the body ( probably because she didn't stop long enough to read them properly).

I thought they were clear and easy to follow with clear diagrams for every stage.

But after about 25 mins of moulding, changing, adapting, and perfecting that she wanted to do we had a finished moshi monster.

Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies are available for £2.99 from Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Next, Hobbycraft and Smyths  where you can see a huge range of moshi monster toys and games to buy

Our finished buddy

You can even join their Facebook page.

I will give these a 9 out of 10, and the only reason it is not 10 is because you have no way of knowing from the outside of the pack which one you are buying.
I was sent these buddies free to do  a review on, but the findings are mine and not influenced by this.

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