Monday, 10 October 2011

vegetable and fish cakes

Trying to get the kids more involved in making meals as much as baking yummy things, so tonight we made vegetable and fish cakes as well as coconut pies.

We took potatoes ( sorry didnt weight them) peeled and boiled them, once cooked we mashed them. We took 3 white fish fillets and dry fried them off with  red onions, and once cooked added it to the mashed potatoes. We chopped up some curly parsley from the garden, some small tomatoes from the greenhouse and mushed it all together.

The kids then put it into moulds and squashed it down really well to compact it,  to get shaped cakes, and we oven cooked it at 180  oC for 15 mins

We did have photographs of this stage but my camera told me it had come to the end of its count and needed reset, which lost the pictures I had.

we served this with some mixed vegetables and very yummy it was too,

Bob made a goat

which turned out not bad

Fifi made a bell and a bear

the bell turned out recognisable, the bear not

We also got the bread dough left over from last week out of the freezer and Bob shaped those and we cooked them up whilst the oven was on.

Bob shapes the cheesy bread balls

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